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Glow by Raven Kennedy

Glow by Raven Kennedy | Book Review and Podcast

Glow by Raven Kennedy

Glow by Raven Kennedy is an adult fantasy series consisting of dark elements. Before going ahead with this review of book 4 of The Plated Prison Series, I would like to mention that this book contains several triggering factors, such as past emotional and physical trauma, adult language, violence, and explicit romance. It falls in the genre of romance and fantasy. One of the best features of this book is that it concentrates on fleshing out the roles and characters. Glow resumes right back from the volatile conclusion of Gleam and commences in a shroud of severe dread within the first quarter of the book that will keep you hooked.

The game has altered and several wicked conspiracies are at play. Many secrets and revelations begin to surface. A king with a golden touch is found dead abandoning the monarch. The Rot King stole away his golden touch favored and his hands are drenched in royal blood. And now Auren must face the result of murdering a King.

Glow by Raven Kennedy
Glow by Raven Kennedy

This book shows how Auren attempts to confront the traumas of being the “favored golden saddle” or a part of the king’s harem. Everything she processes in Glow was necessary. I want to remind you again about the triggering factors Glow contains, it includes factors like human trafficking, gas lighting, Stockholm syndrome, violence, non-consensual sex, and adult language.

All the curious questions about Slade are answered in this book – questions about his magic, parents, and past trauma. Glow will make us understand the reason behind his character development. His connection with his mother and brother might make you feel emotional. However, you will detest his father who will appear in the next book.

If you are a fan of enemies-to-lovers plots, you would fall in love with Osrik and Rissa. The way big and strongly built Osrik is a simp for Rissa will melt your heart. Other than them, the importance of another character, Queen Malina was never disclosed until Glow. Her significance, in the end, is a huge deal.

The plot of Glow is transitionary. Glow was nothing short of overwhelmingly emotional, strongly evocative, and exquisitely mucky. It captures the ending events of the third book and offers the characters and the readers the time they require to process and develop the characters. Raven continues to portray an excellent tale that skillfully navigates through depression, trauma, healing, and empowerment while offering us such a striking romance and a captivating political overarching plot.

Raven Kennedy is an absolute genius. She will have you on chokehold till the end. The fear for Auren and Slade is genuine. She likes to write every kind of book as it brings varied experiences and this book will bring a different experience for you as well. She did an amazing job of walking through the emotions of the characters. You will not devour Glow, Glow will devour you with all the words and experiences present in it. This book will give you joy and an emotional voyage; all in all you would not be able to put it down once you start reading it.

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