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Dial A for Aunties By Jesse Q. Sutanto Is a Comical and Heartfelt Rom-com Debut Novel

Dial A for Aunties: By Jesse Q. Sutanto Is a Comical and Heartfelt Rom-com Debut Novel

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto is funny independent novel. We meet , Meddelyn (Meddy) Chan. She is a wedding photographer for her family’s wedding business. Meddy lives with her mom, and is likewise continually surrounded by her three aunties, none having spouse. Meddy gets annoyed when they try to set her up with a potential spouse. Obviously, All have various language barriers (Chinese, Taiwanese, Mandarian, and so on), which creates confusion now and again. That is particularly for Meddy, who knows few yet is more Americanized.

Dial A for Aunties By Jesse Q. Sutanton (Comical and Heartfelt Rom-com Debut Novel)
Dial A for Aunties By Jesse Q. Sutanto (Comical and Heartfelt Rom-com Debut Novel)

Meddy Chan would not like to go on the blind date her mom set her up on. However, she certainly didn’t anticipate that it will end with her accidentally killing the person. Panicked, Meddy goes to the four ladies who are the greatest source of comfort, love, and headaches in her life. Her nosy mother and her three aunties, who obviously come to the rescue.

Luckily, as Meddy and her aunties maintain a successful wedding business they’re very good at making plans and working together. Regardless of how much bickering and snide commentary is included. Overnight, things go from bad to very bad, when the cooler they put the body in is taken to an exclusive, high-dollar, over-the-top island wedding. That is the Chans greatest event of their whole lifetimes. Would they be able to ensure that the wedding goes off effortlessly and the dead body is not found? What’s more, what will happen when Meddy encounters the love for her life. The college boyfriend she broke up with four years ago. He is still in love with her as she is with him.

“Dial A for Aunties” by Jesse Q. Sutanto is a comical and heartfelt rom-com debut novel from Sutanto. In this novel her love for Indo-Chinese family is practically obvious in the writing. Which is joined with probably the most entertaining dialog and stunning plot twists. Additionally, plot twists: they are stunning in light of the fact that you are laughing and laughing hard. Since each time you think “It can’t in any way, get worse for Meddy and the Aunties”, you are wrong. Since it not just gets worse, it gets worse at the absolute worst time. Which frequently leads to entertaining tricks at the hand of the Aunties. Which leave helpless Meddy to attempt to get the pieces, cause distractions, and tries to be the voice of reason. However, she always comes up short since she is not Big Aunt; Big Aunt is Big Aunt for a reason.

However, the core of this story is the love that Meddy has for her mom and aunties, and they for her and one another. They will hide a body for one another and continue hiding all through the main day of their lives. So despite the fact that Meddy now and then has complicated feeling about her family. Toward the end, family will be family and they discover ways to work together. It does not matter what issues life tosses at them.

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