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Will Harry Potter Series Be Worth Watching?

Will Harry Potter Series Be Worth Watching?

Today, we’re talking Harry Potter. For all you Potterheads who have read the books and watched the movies over and over again, do you think you’d love to watch a new Harry Potter series? Imagine, seasons and seasons of binge worthy content set in Hogwarts. How cool! But there would be no Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson or Rupert Glint. Will Harry Potter series be worth watching? Today, we’ve brought you a list of reasons a Harry Potter series should AND shouldn’t be made. After reading it, you can make the decision for yourself.

The story is evergreen – it never gets old

The Harry Potter books are as eternal as anything on They were devoured by us as kids who waited in line to get our books. And they’re still going to be devoured when we are just a bunch of grandmas and grandpas sitting and drinking warm cocoa. We will never get tired of the story, the characters and every small detail about the books. There can be no too many adaptations of the book, right? Just more Hogwarts content to ingest!

Characters are firmly established in our minds

The idea of more content seems great, until you realize that the characters and setting won’t be the same. Sure, it’s Hogwarts, but it’s not going to be the same as in the movies. From the trio to even Tom Felton Draco Malfoy and Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall, the cast will be entirely new. The thing is, the movies were so widely appreciated by Potterheads, that it’s difficult to accept that there could be anything better.

With more advanced technology, VFX will be better

It’s worthwhile to consider that the last installment in the Harry Potter movie series was released exactly a decade ago (2011). The first one was released exactly two decades ago (2001.) In the span of a decade, enormous technological advancements are made. If the series was to be recreated today, the VFX would be substantially better and all the magic in the books would be effectively incorporated.

JK Rowling’s transphobia and homophobia

JK Rowling has recently been criticized for her transphobic and homophobic tweets – and this has happened before too. She has also been criticized because the Wizarding World is primarily a white world. All main characters are white, and the little diversity that has been added feels like a token with no consequence. Amidst this, viewer ratings are likely to drop, because the art cannot always be separated from the artist. It’s likely that Jk Rowling’s personal standing in the book community will affect the reception of the series. This is highly unadvisable, for a fantasy series like this would require tremendous capital and other investment.

Will Harry Potter Series Be Worth Watching?
Will Harry Potter Series Be Worth Watching?

Book series is long enough for it to be made into a TV series

Did you know that the Order of Phoenix – the longest Harry Potter novel – was also the shortest Harry Potter movie? Obviously, many elements from the book have been left out, such as Hermione’s protests for Elfish welfare and the ghost Peeves. All these elements could be incorporated into a series that spans seasons. All subplots and intricacies could be explored, unlike the movies. Subplots could even be added (after Rowling’s approval) such as the Marauders’ life and more.

Cursed Child was badly received

It must be noted that Cursed Child, which was set after the Battle of Hogwarts, received terrible views. People criticized the way Harry was portrayed as a father and even other plot points. Although a series on the original Harry Potter books will have readymade plot, it’s unlikely that everything can be perfectly replicated. Potterheads are bound to frown upon any amount of creative liberty on the part of the series creators.

JK Rowling could make adjustments to the story if she wanted to

The best part about a Harry potter series is that JK Rowling can edit it. Since she will hold complete rights to the story line, she can manipulate it the way she wants to. This means that lots of things that fans objected to and that she herself regrets, can be changed. Dumbledore doesn’t have to die. Neither do Dobby and Remus and Sirius. Honestly, what more does a Potterhead want?

TV series has potential to focus on characters left out in the movies

Let’s be real – the movies had a lot of underdeveloped characters. Fans always complain about Ginny and her portrayal in the films. According to them, she is always shown as a girl obsessed with Harry, who functions only as a prop to support him. She retains none of the original characteristics JK Rowling gave her – her angst and her fierce strength to uphold what she believed in. In the movies he’s just a shy girl in love. Other characters, ranging from Cedric Diggory and McGonagall to Snape’s childhood and the Marauders’ school life – they could all be a part of the new series.

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