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DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk

DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk

DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk

DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk: No matter if you prefer the movies, the comics, or both, we can all agree that the Hulk is the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. It’s challenging to contest his power, though. To discover him completing Herculean tasks like keeping a planet’s tectonic plates together or virtually eliminating every one of his colleagues, Marvel characters in one enraged rampage, you only need to look back throughout his history.

All right, however, what would be the results if we forced him out of his comfort zone and send him into the DC Universe? It’s no secret that Marvel’s Distinguished Competition takes pride in having a pantheon of heroes who are much more like gods than human beings, and it could be easily argued that the typical Justice Leaguer could easily outmatch the majority of Marvel’s less-superhuman Avengers. Have a look at DC superheroes that are all much more powerful than the Incredible Hulk.

DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk


DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk - Superman
DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Superman

The most famous superhero in DC is Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent or Superman. The Kansas-born Man of Steel is the greatest of the best. He is quicker than a bullet and has the ability to leap huge buildings in one bound. He routinely pushes his abilities to the limit and has always prevailed in the face of overwhelming odds, so he ought to have no trouble taking down the Hulk. In reality, he has crossed over between DC and Marvel on a few occasions.

The fact that Superman has a pure heart and soul in addition to his physical power, which frequently causes him to hold it back from the full boundaries of his might, is also to his credit. These are never the boundaries of Hulk; in fact, the more enraged he becomes, the stronger he becomes. Even on a bad day, Superman can surpass the Hulk in terms of mental as well as physical strength.


DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Spectre

Spectre can defeat the Hulk because of his frequently approaching power level, which borders on omnipotence. After being killed and coming back from the dead as The Spectre, Detective Jim Corrigan has been obsessed with exacting revenge on those who have mistreated him. Later versions indicate that his now-corporeal form is the manifestation of God’s wrath. As a result of this supernatural source of power, he has nearly indestructible strength.

Over the years, Spectre has been integral to significant occasions that jeopardise the DC Universe’s fundamental foundation. The only being strong enough to take on the Anti-Monitor and Parallax separately in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour is Spectre.

Captain Atom

DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk - Captain Atom
DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Captain Atom

Captain Atom, a 1960 creation from the Charlton Comics line that DC subsequently absorbed, was originally Nathaniel Adam, a test pilot. Just like Doctor Manhattan, Adam would experience a scientific catastrophe that caused him to seem to disintegrate before resurfacing as the formidable Captain Atom.

Atom’s abilities in the modern DC universe come from the constant dividing and realigning of his atomic structure. This gives him an enormous amount of energy that he can use for a variety of purposes, some of which are relatively ordinary like flying, but he can also transform physical objects and access the Earth’s nuclear radiation, making the Hulk simply no match.



Billy Batson can summon the strength of seven legendary beings by saying the word SHAZAM! In order to ensure that his battle with the Hulk is quick, Shazam can simultaneously summon the might of Atlas, the bravery of Achilles, and the strength of Zeus.

Billy Batson’s absurdly potent alter ego cannot be defeated by the Hulk, even when he’s in his Worldbreaker form. Shazam can only travel between dimensions and perform advanced healing with the use of magic.


DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk - Apollo
DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Apollo

Apollo was created in the Wildstorm reality before it was fully incorporated into DC’s main chronology after the occurrences of Flashpoint. This character is another example of a combined continuity. Andrew Pulaski is essentially a Superman clone because of the way his body uses the Sun’s energy to grant him invulnerability, superhuman strength, heat vision, flight and other abilities.

One of the first openly gay DC characters was Apollo, and their relationship has persisted into more recent DC canon. As a result, he rarely appears without his boyfriend, although even when acting alone, he can hold his own against the Hulk.


DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Ganthet

Ganthet is one of the most ancient and potent beings in the world because he is the Guardian of the Universe, one of the Green Lantern Corps’ immortal founders. But unlike the other Guardians, he has been associated with the Quintessence, a group of deities that includes Shazam and Zeus and keeps watch over the cosmos and occasionally the multiverse.

Compared to the other Guardians, Ganthet has a more approachable, human attitude, and his effect on the development of Earth’s connection with the Green Lanterns has already been felt for a long time. His strength is on a galactic scale, so even though he might not appear like much in comparison to Bruce Banner’s green alter ego, it would be a very one-sided fight.


DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk - Ion
DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Ion

Sodam Yat comes from the planet Daxam, which had been settled by several Kryptonians who wanted to learn more about the cosmos. Yat, a Daxamite, possesses the heightened abilities and skills of Kryptonians like Supergirl or Superman, and joining the Green Lantern Corps greatly boosts Yat’s capabilities. The author, none other than Alan Moore, had foretold that his character would prove to be an unstoppable, indispensable member of the Corps, but this never materialised.

Sodam Yat is appointed to control the Ion entity, a strong being created from the emotional spectrum’s green wavelength. With the strength of Ion, a Superman-level power, and a Green Lantern ring he has more than enough strength to give the Hulk a fresh facial hole.

Power Girl

Power Girl
DC Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Hulk – Power Girl

Power Girl, also known as Kara or Karen Starr, is an alternate-universe cousin of Kal-El who came to Earth from a dying Krypton when Clark was still an adolescent. If anything about this seems familiar, it’s because she is, in essence, Supergirl, albeit from a different multiverse. She was not always a native of the Earth-Two universe, according to modern continuity.

She has an edge over the Hulk because she is a Kryptonian, even one from another universe. Her improved physiology as a result of our yellow sun indicates that she is getting close to godlike levels of superhuman ability in every manner.

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