A flicker in the dark by Stacy Willingham is really fun to read and impossible to put down. This is an exceptional novel from debut author. The story goes far beyond the typical serial killer stories. The characters are well-developed and totally believable. The way it is written you are hooked and it keeps you speculating from start to finish. This is a perfectly crafted thriller about the girl of a killer. She is haunted by the past as well as by the present as another killer approaches.

A Flicker in the Dark spins around a 32 year old Chloe, she lives in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. In 1998, her dad was charged guilty of killing 6 girls. Presently, with the twentieth anniversary coming up, more women are starting to vanish, and to Chloe, it feels too similar to what happened twenty years earlier. But, her dad is staying behind bars, so who could be the killer? A copycat, or something far evil?

A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham | Book Review And Podcast
A Flicker In The Dark By Stacy Willingham | Book Review And Podcast

This book began bit slow, and it some of the time got confusing when time-frames of Chloe’s life went back and forth. But soon, I fell into the beat of the story and I was hooked. Chloe wasn’t a likeable person, however it was justifiable with all the trauma and pain she went through previously. She was going to wed Daniel. He is a successful and caring man, and she was close to her sibling Coop.

At the point when the first girl was taken in Baton Rouge, the story truly became compelling. From the start I thought I knew who the real killer was, and I was partially correct. But, different suspects additionally had hidden secrets and stories that started to rise to the surface; it seems even Chloe had mysteries that I didn’t see coming! There were countless exciting twists. I would rather not ruin anything by uncovering mysteries. Simply take a chance to read A flicker in the dark by Stacy Willingham.

HBO Max and Emma Stone are working hand in hand to develop an adaptation of Stacy Willingham’s novel A Flicker in the Dark. Pretty impressive for a first novel.

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