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6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name

6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name

6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name

6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name: Shazam is a fictional character from DC Comics who derives his powers from the ancient gods and historical figures. The powers of Shazam are often referred to as the “6 Powers of Shazam” and are derived from his name, which is an acronym for the following figures:

These powers give Shazam superhuman abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as the ability to control lightning and fly.

S for Solomon – Shazam derives his wisdom from King Solomon, known for his wisdom and judicious decision making.

The ‘S’ in Shazam stands for Solomon. Solomon was a teacher of wisdom. When Billy evokes Shazam, Billy gets access to vast amounts of knowledge, all known languages and science. He can even decipher any code, solve any mathematical equation. Billy is also empowered with photographic memory and can recall anything. Even his wild guesses are mostly correct because he’s aware of the surroundings. When Billy turns into Shazam he can also hypnotize people.

H for Hercules – Shazam derives his strength from Hercules, the legendary Greek hero known for his immense physical strength.

The ‘H’ in Shazam stands for Hercules. Hercules is a Greek god. The Greek god is known for his heroism and strength. This is the reason Billy becomes an expert in hand-to-hand combat when he turns into Shazam. He can even bend steel with bare hands, can produce powerful shock waves just by clapping of hands, and can break any structure with ease. It is believed that with his strength & power, Shazam can even move mountains.

A for Atlas – Shazam derives his endurance and stamina from Atlas, the Titan who was tasked with holding up the weight of the world on his shoulders.

6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name
6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name

The ‘A’ in Shazam stands for Atlas. Atlas is a Greek God who holds heaven and sky on his shoulders for eternity. Atlas was sentenced by Zeus to support the sky on his shoulders while standing at the westernmost point of the world. Billy gets super stamina, he can recover from any setbacks and heals very fast. He never feels fatigue and does not require nourishment. When Billy turns, Shazam he can survive without any kind of support in space and even underwater. This power is also required to sustain magical power in him. His metabolisms increase way ahead of any ordinary human.

Z for Zeus – Shazam derives his power from Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology known for his strength and control over the elements.

The ‘Z’ in Shazam stands for Zeus. Zeus is a Greek god of thunder, sky, lightning, law and order and justice. Zeus is also believed to be the father and leader of all the Greek Gods. Billy’s all five senses are enhanced because of the ‘Z’ factor. Shazam uses lightning as a weapon. Billy can even use lightning to heal himself. He can shoot lightning bolts. Power of Zeus protects Shazam from all magical powers. It additionally allows him to even time travel, yes Shazam can travel in time.

A for Achilles – Shazam derives his courage from Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War known for his fearlessness in battle.

This ‘A’ in Shazam’s name stands for Achilles. Achilles is a Greek hero who is known for his unbelievable will power, discipline, courage and fullness of hope. He can face any opponent without any feeling of fear. Billy gains unlimited courage. He can not be hypnotized or mind controlled by anyone. Like Achilles, Shazam is also almost invulnerable. But not completely invulnerable, Achilles has a weakness that is his foot. Same way Shazam also has a weakness. Whenever he says ‘Shazam’ while being in Shazam’s form or is made to say ‘Shazam’, he will turn back to Billy Batson.

M for Mercury – Shazam derives his speed from Mercury, the Roman god of speed and messenger of the gods.

6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name
6 Powers of Shazam Derived From His Name

‘M’ in Shazam’s name stands for Mercury. Billy also gets his power from the Roman God Mercury who is considered to be a traveler in Roman myths, thus Billy can travel at a very fast speed. He gets the power to travel at the speed of light or in some stories he can even travel faster than light. In Roman mythology Mercury also acts as a medium for spirits to the afterlife.

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