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6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing

6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing

6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing: There are many blogs that places a lot of emphasis on calligraphy, the craft of creating lovely letter formations (usually with a dip pen). But I’ve never talked about regular penmanship before! You’ll discover six suggestions for writing attractive handwritten notes with the pen of your choosing in this post. You can also get a free worksheet to practice writing in cursive!

Contrary to popular belief, calligraphy and handwriting are not interchangeable. In general, calligraphy consists of ornamented, stylized letters; it’s more like art than actual writing. On the other hand, handwriting describes how you write down information on a daily basis takes longer to write, and is less useful than handwriting. Even if each person has a unique handwriting style, there is always an opportunity for development! You’ll find six suggestions in this post to help you get better at handwriting.

Use a Classy Pen

The word “nice” is a relative term, so you’ll have to look hard to locate the pen that suits you. The Pilot G2 05 is the pen I prefer to use for regular writing because of its wide stroke, comfortable grip, and jet-black ink. I also appreciate how responsive it is; I don’t need to apply a lot of pressure on the pen to get a steady stream of ink.

I advise you to compare prices since there are thousands of pens available on the market. Try it out by picking up a pen here and there! Whether you use gel pens, fountain pens, or ballpoint pens, whatever you feel most comfortable with is ideal.

6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing
6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing

Hold on with a loose grip

One of the key things that will enhance your handwriting is a beautiful, loose grasp. Your fingernails shouldn’t be white from gripping the pen’s barrel, and you should have a “relaxed grip,” which refers to none of the muscles in your hand being unduly flexed.

After a few minutes of writing, your hand will start to hurt because many people tend to hold the pen tightly. Try to mentally check yourself every few minutes to make sure you’re still holding the pen comfortably. We frequently clutch without realizing it.

Practicing drills

Without warming up, it might be challenging to make neat letters whether you intend to write in cursive or print. You may write characters that are confident and clear by practicing a few. If you’re looking for more practical exercises to Improve Your Handwriting. Look for online videos that give tips and exercises for better hand writing.

When we are young, we are typically instructed to hold our paper vertically in front of us. That’s excellent if it works for you! If not, you are welcome to test out various paper rotations. You may greatly enhance your handwriting by keeping the paper at a specific angle.

For the most part, for the right-handed, the standard vertical paper position is acceptable. I’m not one of them, though. I’ve always found it to be simpler to write when my paper is turned 90 degrees, especially while writing in cursive, which is my preferred writing style. You may see what I mean by watching this incredibly little video!

I recommend trying several angles because paper rotation is a personal preference. Starting vertically, right-handed folks should rotate the paper to the left until writing comes naturally to them.

6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing
6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing

Practice Secretly Whenever You Can

Like anything else, handwriting can be improved with practice as you write more consistently employing good habits and including writing styles that you find appealing.

You can practice in a way by sending someone a handwritten letter instead of an email or text message. You can start keeping a notebook and start writing every night if you have the time and desire. There’s no requirement that entries be lengthy; they might simply be summaries of your day!

Use a template or write on lined paper

A major shortcut to clean handwriting is to write words that are even and well-formed. You can place a piece of notebook paper behind a sheet of printer paper if you want to send a letter to someone. You can use such lines as recommendations for even writing because it’s possible that you can see the notebook paper lines through the printer paper. You might even write a letter to someone directly on a piece of notebook paper if you don’t mind the lines.

This idea makes me think of another bit of advice: always use some paper as “padding.” There should always be another piece of paper underneath the paper you are writing on. For some reason, all pens find it simpler to write on the slightly cushier surface afforded by two pieces of paper!

6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing
6 Easy Techniques to Improve Hand Writing

Adopt Your Individual Style

The hand may be very fluid, individual skill that is always changing. It’s not like calligraphy, where every time you write, you pretty much write the same thing. Instead, you’ll have both neat and less-than-neat days.


Regardless of how it appears, your handwriting is a fantastic representation of you and your personality. People enjoy receiving handwritten letters because they provide a personal touch, which is why! So instead of getting too caught up in a radical transformation, concentrate on creating letters that are easily readable and have well-defined shapes.

I hope you’ve liked reading this and that it motivates you to put down the keyboard this weekend and write something by hand. If you need a refresher on cursive, don’t forget that you can download the Improve Your Cursive Worksheet for nothing. It’s a simple little worksheet that ought to be useful.

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