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10 ways to boost your confidence

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

10 ways to boost your confidence

Confidence is a hard thing to build up. Some would also say it is a process, it takes time and experience. However, there are times when you feel low and wish that you had a little bit of confidence. It could be due to an examination, an internship, or even a confession. You can develop a confident and positive personality – you just need to work on yourself a little bit. Here are 10 ways to boost your confidence.

Reminiscing the Positive Times

When you are feeling down you wish to have a friend who can motivate or distract you from your thoughts. We know there is no better friend than ourselves. So, be a best friend to yourself and remind yourself of all the moments when you were proud of your efforts, of all the times when you feel like you will fail and yet you made it. It is essential to move you forward. Because it often happens when we feel down and motivated for a long time we stop trying to move on from the state.

Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is the most important thing in the process of developing a confident personality. When your priorities are straight in your head, you are more likely to make the right decisions, speak up, ask critical questions to clarify your point of view, and more. If you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths, you will be able to forgive yourself and acknowledge things with kindness, seek help when you need it and trust the right people. And, all these things make you a confident human being.

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Give Yourself Time

Spending time with your self is significant. Take the time off social media and other things that distract you. Do things that will help you to be at peace. Meditate, write, read books, go on a walk, meet your best friends, and other things that will create a habit and good memories. Talk to your trusted friends about things that are bothering you and ask them for honest feedback. This will not only help you to learn about your capability but it will also boost your confidence to do more.


You need to reflect on your actions – go easy on the negative aspect, and try to learn from your mistakes. Appreciate your good aspects and your effort to be a better person. Even when you are doing something right, people will point out the flaws because it is easier to point out. So, make sure there is a difference between people and you. Don’t go hard on yourself for everything. Self-reflection does not mean criticizing yourself. Write down things that are bothering you, times when you feel like you should have been the bigger and better person, and try to not repeat that.

Comfort Zone is Not the Right Place

A comfort zone is a psychological and behavioral state in which you are familiar with everything and you are in an anxiety-neutral condition. It is a tough job to grow out of your comfort zone as it is hard to identify your comfort place in the first place. You need to learn and do more than you already do. Learn new skills, expand your workout routine, go on a trip without family, be creative and challenge your beliefs. It will be uncomfortable in the beginning as we are always new to a different shade.

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


Developing a confident personality is not a matter of a single day. So, when you are trying to be a confident person, the first thing that you need to learn is appreciation. Appreciate yourself every day for the efforts that you are making. Learn to assure yourself that you are doing well. From time and again make yourself understand your progress by visualizing the difference between the present you and the person you were a few years ago.


You need to learn about the things that divert and distract your mind from negativity. Once you crack the code you need to train your brain and challenge those thoughts with things that might help you. It could be writing down the thoughts, talking to a friend, or watching a specific YouTube channel, for me music helps immensely. When you are feeling low for a very long time, it exhausts your brain and you start to lose concentration easily. So, it is vital to put yourself in a rather positive mood to function.

Correct Demonstration

Positive body language is a kind of non-verbal communication that puts us in a position of likeability and comfort. Positive body language is also called open body language. It helps you look approachable and open to others which helps you to have an easy interaction. Some examples of open body language are relaxed posture, smile, good eye contact, firm handshake, and more.

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


Positive affirmations may sound unbelievable or cringe, however it works if you believe in them. You make use of the positive quotes perhaps stick three or four on your wall to inspire yourself. If that sounds like too much, keep a journal and write the good things, things that made you happy, things that you want to achieve and that you are proud of. Go through them once in a while. Daily writing in general help you keep a track of your development and growth.

Learn the Negatives to Grow

As we grow up we become aware of ourselves. The most important factor is to learn about the flaws, admit them and work on them. It is the only way you grow to be the person you will be proud of. We as humans have both good and bad sides. Similarly, we have both facets that make us feel positive and negative. We need to be observant and aware to learn the things that put us in a negative mood and things that can put us on the right track.

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