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10 bad habits that kill your productivity

10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Without even recognizing it, you may be engaging in some behaviours that are detrimental. You can succeed at work with little awareness and rapid action. No matter how much you want it and how hard you think you’re willing to work, being productive is difficult. But if you’re not undermining yourself with negative habits, improving your output at work and in life is a far more attainable aim. Here is a list of 10 bad habits that kill your productivity.

Inclusion of Time-Wasters and Distractions

You are probably aware of this issue, but you are doing everything in your power to ignore it. We spend a lot of time on social media sites and entertaining websites, which keeps us from accomplishing our tasks. You become less productive when you engage in time-wasters and diversions in your life or even just when working. Reduce the impact this issue has on you as much as possible. Turn off phone notifications and download an app that will restrict your access to social media apps if you are unable to live without social media. Ad blockers, like AdBlock, can prevent obtrusive advertising from appearing on your computer or laptop and detracting from your work.

Big-Picture Thinking

You probably believed that it would be beneficial to keep this in mind while working, but it is not. It’s beneficial to occasionally see the big picture, but if you do it all the time, you risk feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. You can do the following to overcome your fascination with big-picture thinking:

  • The Big Picture Should Not Be Seen During Work Hours
  • Concentrate on the immediate tasks and the smaller picture.
  • Inform Yourself About Your Successes
10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity
10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Too Many Tools

As long as you don’t use them excessively, using tools is beneficial and can increase productivity. Having a single tool that is capable of handling many different platforms and offering you a wide range of capabilities is the ideal approach to do this. For instance, you can download software for free from Pcriver and make sure it enables you to carry out various duties. Additionally, by connecting your programs, you can have them work together for you rather than you having to work for them by having tools that sync with other tools.

No Work Routine

It’s the same as setting yourself up for failure to not have a work schedule. Everyone needs a work schedule, whether they are the CEO of a large corporation or a manager at Target. Having a work regimen prepares you for the day. It resembles changing your mode to one that helps you focus on your work more successfully. If you still don’t have a set work schedule and complete your chores whenever you feel like it, start setting one up by scheduling your workday. Additionally, set up your workspace and limit your work to being done at your desk. Your brain will learn to activate “work mode” whenever you sit down at your desk as a result of this.


You might assume that multitasking is one of the better habits. This very popular practice has the drawback of giving you the appearance that you are working hard and productively on your chores. You are actually spending more time and energy switching between things than you are focusing on them simultaneously. Start engaging in different habits to quit multitasking in a negative way. For instance, start organizing related jobs into groups by using the PomoDone app. You’ll be more able to maintain consistency if you do this. You should also shift your attention from simply performing the activity to completing it. This will ensure that you finish what you begin.

10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity
10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Information Overload

Being overwhelmed by too much information is one of the biggest issues in the technological age. Simply put, the abundance of choices and answers at our disposal leaves us dazed, and the amount of information we receive about a subject can be overwhelming. Eliminate extraneous components to begin managing information overload. Get rid of everything else and pick one thing. To rejuvenate yourself, think about taking a trip and getting away from everything.


If something goes wrong, being a perfectionist may cause you to lose your equilibrium. Additionally, perfectionists have a propensity to hold themselves to unreasonably high standards, which causes them to either overwork themselves or feel guilty when they don’t succeed. Instead, own your shortcomings and begin seeking less-than-ideal alternatives.

No Automation

Many of the chores you perform can be completed automatically and considerably more quickly if you just let them. These are the daily regular activities you engage in especially the ones that are the cause of your boredom at work. Find solutions to automate these duties so you can finish them more quickly. Set timers to make your coffee and create templates for the emails you send. There are several methods to simplify your life and make it easier.

10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity
10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Giant To-Do Lists

If you’re a busy person, you’re certainly familiar with how overwhelming a long to-do list can be. To-do lists can include dozens of things that you need to finish in a single day, ranging from buying a new coat to attending a business conference. That can be really intimidating. Use a task management programme like Todoist to make shorter lists of up to five activities so you won’t feel that way. You will feel better after crossing off items from such lists because you will complete them much quicker than if you had a lengthy to-do tasks.

Agreeing To Do Everything

Last but not least, there is no point in saying “yes” all the time and agreeing to everything. Recognize that you don’t have time for their chores and concentrate on your own work instead. Even while some behaviours, such as multitasking, may appear helpful, they are actually not, and you must wary of them. Get rid of the poor habits in your life to increase your productivity and time management skills.

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