Over the years, the Internet has improved exponentially. Internet is a wormhole that takes consumer’s time away from other tasks and provides entertainment and information. However, in no way can the Internet compare with the personal experience of reading a good book. Books provide a warm and personal experience that sitting in front of a computer screen cannot. Today we will explain why books are better than internet?

In today’s world for almost all people Internet is very necessary and important. While the Internet keeps its consumers ‘ minds occupied by social media, trolls, fake news and all the other hazards of online life, books on the other hand allow its readers an escape from reality to internalize, react and transform. Internet is changing every hour. It is faster and the power that the Internet has over people cannot be denied.

Compared to the Internet books are a slow process, but the information and experience of reading a good book stays with the readers for a long period. Books are more reliable than the conventional Internet. Books are reviewed before publishing and the readers know the source in the book is legitimate. On the Internet such is not the case. Anything can be posted on the Internet at any time by anyone. Internet has so much information that it is hard to understand whether the information is true or false. This is why books are better than internet and far more reliable.

Reading books helps in increasing imaginative and creative skills. Books contain information on various single topics. The information in books is always comprehensive and specific. Unlike the Internet, books do not confuse its readers or waste energy on deciding where to go next, as in what should I watch next or read next. The only thing readers have to do while reading the book is flip the page forward. A well-designed book makes readers feel enlivened and it enhances the experience of reading. Books are inexpensive and compact packages that contain concentrated knowledge of specific subject.

Just like the internet, printing and manufacturing of books has been greatly improved not over the years but over the centuries. There are great variety of books based on different genres and subject matters. In recent times, even the Internet is being used by distributors such as Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing), Crosswords and many others to sell an increasing number of books to consumers online. There are also many websites and apps that sell books in both formats print and digital. Internet provides its consumers a vast selection of books to choose and buy from compared to the bookstores. However, it is not comparable to the experience of going to a bookstore and browsing. to our hearts content. Scrolling on the internet to buy a book is just not the same as leafing through the pages of a book.

Everyday life can be stressful and the Internet adds to the anxiety. Books are relaxing and they help in reducing stress and anxiety. A good book transports its readers to an imaginative world far away from stress. It helps in easing the mind and body of the reader. Losing yourself in a book with a great story is a perfect remedy for stress. Compared to the Internet, books have more of an ability to motivate and inspire its readers. Books can spread motivation by sharing knowledge that makes readers perceive the world in a new way. Books also spread positivity amongst the readers as it helps reduce mental pressure.

The most important reason why books are better than internet is that books have a magical ability to bring both past and future to life through words. Books are a bridge to the past. Because of the books readers can connect with those who are long gone and all they have left us are their words of wisdom they garnered from their own life experiences. Through books readers can vicariously live many different lives through some real characters and some fictional characters.

Internet is valuable and useful. It is an extraordinary technological development by human beings. Because of the Internet, consumers have all the information in the world just one fingertip away. However, books are our companions in a way that the Internet can never be. Books allow readers to travel to different worlds both real and fictional and they are full of knowledge, joy and wisdom.

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