West with giraffes is a superb story written by Lynda Rutledge and significantly more than just giraffes and their travel across the USA. It pulled me in from the first pages as it referenced the Great Hurricane of 1938. The primary character, Woody is 17 years old. He is far from being a model citizen. He survived difficult times and is determined to continue surviving by all methods accessible. Travelling with Woody, a female photographer, Old Men, and with giraffes coast-to-coast is full of dangerous undertakings and gives the reader a captivating image of the USA in 1938. However, the greater part of all, the story is about building relationships with others and with animals.

The readers will find out about the Dust Bowl and the impacts it had on the ones who survived it….including Woodrow. Simply envision having your whole family wiped out during those days and the impact that a survivor would consistently carry with him. Incredible.

The articles from the different papers are included in “West with giraffe”. So the readers will actually be able to read the true historical story of the giraffes. Western Union telegrams are also included… I felt that these contributed extraordinarily to this novel.

Old age has hit Woodrow and being a patient in the VA has its moments, without a doubt. He is thoroughly resolved to write his story before he died. Also, he clarifies his adoration for the giraffes so intensely. We ought to be so fortunate to experience these animals and become acquainted with them so well…up very close and personal.

As Woodrow Wilson Nickel states toward the start: “Few true friends have I known and two were giraffes’. A fortunate man, for sure.

For a person who is an admirer of nature, this is an ideal novel to peruse. It is at the top of the ones I have read in February 2021. The writer figures out how to weave the historical perspectives into the text to give the readers that piece of the story. Reading this novel was so satisfying for me. West with giraffes is truly excellent and highly recommended by me.

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