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First Comes Like: Book By Alisha Rai Is A Book That You Enjoy Reading Throughout

First Comes Like: Book By Alisha Rai Is A Book That You Enjoy Reading Throughout

First Comes Like written by Alisha Rai is a book that you enjoy reading throughout. I liked Jia and Dev. She is kind, smart, resilient, unconstrained, and spontaneous. He is courageous, old-fashioned, considerate, and giving. Dev is supportive to Jia and her career As a couple.

Jia is an easily likeable character. She is a beauty expert and social media influencer working toward getting her own cosmetic line one day. Jia’s family may say she’s “too much” however she’s exactly what she needs to be. Jia has a quick mind and a kind heart – she’s a kind of character you need as a friend, in real life. At the point when she learns she’s been catfished by somebody using drama star Dev Dixit’s social media account she’s mortified. Worrying what her family will say when they discover reality and the paparazzi sticking their cameras into her business, Jia needs a convenient solution, and it’s Dev to the rescue.

Dev is an absolute darling. He is a sweet character with golden heart, protective, and supportive. Dev is bringing his niece up in the wake of his brother’s demise, and it was lovely to watch him with his family. Dev isn’t perfect like most of us, yet he makes a decent attempt to do best for people he loves. If a fake romance is the thing that will help solve Jia’s issues than Dev is ready to do that. As they spend time together it becomes clear that both are meant to be together.

Since Jia and Dev are such likeable characters it’s not difficult to fall into their sentiment. There’s a simple chemistry among them that makes the pages of the story whizz by. There is very little dramatization in First Comes Like and that was fine for me. I do wish there had been more to the story toward the finish to see Jia and Dev develop more as a couple.

First Comes Like is the third novel in Alisha Rai’s Modern Love series. However, it can undoubtedly be read as an independent novel. I was pleased to return to Rhiannon and Katrina and the solid female friendship in this novel made my heart sing. I additionally liked Jia and Dev’s families. The elements can be messy, yet there is love there that transmits off the page. I recommend First Comes Like to those who like reading light-hearted romantic novels.

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