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Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains

Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains

Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains

Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains: Shazam’s first venture was fun but wasn’t that successful. However, after Black Adam’s debut people are excited about Shazam’s upcoming venture ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’. But there is one more thing that’s hooking people towards this project, people are excited about Shazam’s New Villain ‘Hespera’. In the movie ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ legendary actor Helen Mirren will be portraying the character of the Demi-God Villain (Hespera). So, let’s take a look at Hespera’s character and her counterparts in the movie.

Who is Hespera

Apart from her rare brief appearances and references in movies like Wonder Woman. But there is no direct reference of Hespera’s character in the DC Comics. However it’s believed that the demigod villainous character is inspired from Greek mythology’s ‘Hesperides’ who is believed to be the daughter of Atlas. According to some sources Hespera may not be an out and out villainous character. There are chances that her character can be the savior of Godly powers who can be on both evil and good sides depending on situations. The mystery around the character makes it more special and awaited.

Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains
Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains

Athena’s character

In ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ actor Rachel Zegler would be playing Athena’s character. Athena is one of the most prominent Greek goddesses. DC Comics has also depicted Athena’s character, the Greek goddesses has been a part of many battles, epic encounters and events. Athena has also been a part of some very important storylines like the creation of Wonder Woman. She created Wonder Woman from the clay after the prayers of Amazon’s Queen ‘Hippolyta’. Athena also participated in the War of the Gods. You must be thinking what’s Athena’s connection with Hespera. So, Athena is also the daughter of Atlas, she’s the younger daughter of Atlas. But the question still remains, what’s their connection with Shazam. These characters appear to be more connected with Wonder Woman’s storyline. So, Shazam once restored Wonder Woman’s life. When ‘Circe’ reverted the Amazonian into clay then Shazam used his magical powers to restore Wonder Woman’s life.

Who is Kalypso

Lucy Liu portrayed the character of Kalypso in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’. Kalypso’s character too has little to no presence and reference in DC Comics or Universe. She is also a character inspired from Greek Mythology’s ‘Calypso’. According to the myths Calypso is a nymph. It is believed that Calypso lived on the island Ogygia. It is said that Calypso falls for the Greek King ‘Odysseus’. She traps Odysseus on the island for sensual pleasures and also wishes to make Odysseus her husband. Calypso also promises that if he stays there she’ll provide him with the boon of immortality. Talking about her depiction and avatar in the movie. In the movie trailer we witness Kalypso using her powers to grow a giant tree in a stadium. This power somewhat resembles several iconic comics villains but the most prominent of them is DC’s iconic female villain Poison Ivy.

Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains
Who is Hespera in DC Universe | Shazam’s New Villains

Is Atlas also a part of the storyline

It’s interesting that the daughters of Atlas who haven’t appeared in the comics line are there while the man who’s been in the comics line isn’t there. Atlas is a super powered DC character who’s is inspired from Greek Mythology’s Titan ‘Atlas’. Atlas’ character is believed to be a competitor of Superman in terms of powers. A variation of ‘Atlas’ did a face off against an evil version of Shazam as part of the Dark Knights: Death Metal crossover. However, it seems very unlikely that Atlas too will make a debut in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’. DC will save the brute force for some other venture.

What to expect from Shazam’s New Villains

The trailer of Shazam’s ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ is quite a cool and intelligent cut which hardly gives any details and information, except a few like Kalypso’s powers. But still a lot about the villains and their true intentions & goals isn’t clear. Or are the villains (Hespera and Kalypso) really the villains is still a question. Fans are expecting a climax and cliffhanger like ‘Black Adam’. But nobody knows if there will be a  Superhero cameo. However, you can expect the unexpected from Shazam! Fury of the Gods on the 17th of March 2023 in the theaters.

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