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Water Memory: By Daniel Pyne (Sentro Book 1) - Book Review Podcast

Water Memory: By Daniel Pyne (Sentro Book 1) – Book Review Podcast

Water Memory by Daniel Pyne is kind of novel to turn any reader off freighter cruises. True, they do deliver the leisurely cruise without the crowds and decoration of the behemoth cruise of organizations like Carnival or Princess or Royal Caribbean. However, freighters are likely to be boarded by pirates. Indeed, the thing I discovered fascinating in Daniel Pyne’s novel is that there seems to be a whole flourishing business around hijacked cargo ships.

In the beginning “one third” of Water Memory is a little clunky. Mostly because the writer introduce Aubrey Sentro’s relationship with her kids as well as the working of Aubrey’s mind. Aubrey experiences few things like, oral distortions, Persistent post-concussion syndrome means headaches, mood swings, and memory problems. Watching her facing these problems is painful mainly because she is a skilled black-ops specialist and she really likes what she does. She’s incredibly good at it.

Not having disclosed to her kids “Jeremy and Jenny” what she truly does for living has caused issues. Both grew up with a stay-at-home dad. With the idea that Aubrey couldn’t be bothered to invest any time with them like “real moms” do. Actually, it is warped Jenny so much that I became weary of her whimpering about how she has never had the mother she deserved. Pyne’s depiction of mother and daughter made me laugh. Also it stayed in my mind just the way the author trusted it would.

When the first third of the novel, the set up, is finished and the pirates have taken control of the ship. The story changes its gear and moves very quickly. This is the place where I truly got engaged in the story. I realized why Aubrey picked this bizarre work for herself. I appreciate characters like Morehouse the doctor and little Zoala who may be playing in the Cricket World Cup one day. Additionally I liked what Pyne wants to say about ladies who don’t do what’s expected from them.

I liked watching Aubrey at work as she attempted to save everybody on board the cargo ship. I liked Zoala. Those two made me break out in fist pumps more than one occasion. Furthermore, I liked the little unexpected twist by the end of Water Memory. Obviously, there should be a follow up novel in the “Aubrey Sentro series.

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Book Review Podcast (Water Memory: By Daniel Pyne)

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