Finlay Donovan is killing it by Elle Cosimano Seems quite more like it’s killing her. Finlay is battling, somehow keeping her head above water. Not just with sorting out the plot of her extremely delayed next novel. Also, she is dealing with her ex getting engaged to the women he was cheating on Finlay. Along with looming messy custody fight. On the top of it, her ex fired the sitter, and some way or another Finlay gets embroiled in a real murder mystery. One that might have been torn right out of the pages of one of her books.

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano is the first novel I have read by this author. So I went in not actually knowing what to expect from the story or even what to genuinely expect from the premise. I think I should admit that it was surprising for me with the dark humour of the story. Not bad, simply wasn’t expecting it kind of way.

From the very beginning I was took to Finlay. The harried single parent attempting to adjust everything yet managing to get nothing in light of all the curveballs’ life loves to toss. I could feel her frustration, and as a reader I truly needed things to end up better for Finlay. I needed her to succeed.

As I said I was astounded by the dark humour side of the novel. As a result, I wasn’t ready for when things take a turn in Finlay’s life. However, staying with the story, and all things considered, staying with Finlay. I feel that Elle Cosimano pulls off an astounding accomplishment of truly adjusting the humour, suspense, mystery and romantic element of the story truly well. Giving the reader a courageous woman they’ll want to root for and stay with for the long time.

I liked that Finlay is an individual who doesn’t have everything sorted out, and when things got worst and knock her down. She keeps getting directly back up because, for her and her children, there could be no other choice. In that regard it’s an ideal setup for exploring a mystery. Readers, alongside Finlay, sort of will figure everything out together, which I believe was another feature to the story that got and kept my attention all through.

I trust “Finlay Donovan is killing it” will not be the last time we see Finlay Donovan. With that truly fascinating ending I am putting it all on the line believing it is safe to say it is most certainly not. I totally can’t hold back to see what trouble lands Finlay’s doorstep next.

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