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visual storytelling can enhance your presentation

Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation

Visual storytelling and visual presentation are the new waves of presenting style that has taken over offices. There are special graphic teams that are hired to make such presentations to keep the employees and the clients engaged. They are proven to be much more fun and convenient as compared to regular PPTs. Here are 10 ways in which visual storytelling can enhance your presentation.

Moving images Attract the Eye

In a PowerPoint presentation, adding too many animations or effects can seem too tacky and unprofessional. This restricts the amount of moving images a presentation can have. Stable and still images can seem boring and repetitive. This can especially happen if your presentation consists of graphs, bar diagrams, or pie charts. These can seem confusing if they are not explained well in detail. It can also distract people and not keep their attention on the more important things. In such cases, visual presentations work to their advantage because they constantly have moving graphics and different animations that will keep the audience’s attention on them.

Zoom Effects can Enhance the Presentation for Webinars

In visual animations, you can create various concept maps and decorative charts. In a regular presentation, it becomes difficult to explore these concept maps. While in visual presentations, these concept maps can be explored through zoom effects. These can be used in world maps, where you have to show certain data from various parts of the world. Here, you can simply zoom into the other parts of the world, and show the data that needs to be presented. In regular presentations, you would have to create slides for individual places.

Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways
Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways

A non-interactive Audience can Ruin the Presentation

In order to keep the presentation interesting and appealing to most of the audience, people tend to keep their presentations interactive by asking people questions or having a small quiz or game session. This is a great idea if your audience is as invested in the presentation as you. But if you have an inattentive audience, these presentations can go boring and you might be left with no interaction whatsoever. Visual presentations avoid this completely.

Visual Presentation can tell Complex Stories

It can be easier to convey complex messages and stories through visual presentations. You can explain multiple concepts and stories at the same time in a visual presentation. While in a regular presentation, it can get a little difficult for the presenter to show those things, and for the audience to comprehend them as well.

Our Brains Crave Knowledge

Visual presentations can convey a lot of knowledge and information in just a few seconds. Since it consists of motion graphics and animations, it is also easy to absorb knowledge from that medium as well. Regular presentations can be dull at times when it comes to consuming information. Our brains are wired in such a way that we want to consume more information and have more knowledge, and when it is presented creatively, it becomes easier to consume it.

Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways
Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways

Visual Presentations do well on Social Media

If you have scrolled through any social media platform, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. you would have noticed that you usually scroll through posts that have long posts with detailed information. However, when that same information is conveyed through visual mediums, such as videos, etc. it becomes easier to read and understand that information. In such cases, visual presentations do very well on social media platforms as compared to regular presentations.

Adds a Personal Touch to the Meetings

Visual media and presentation allow you an opportunity to present your data creatively. It opens up space for storytelling and having a few jokes here and there can keep your colleagues and audience invested in the presentation. This can be a bit of a failure occasionally in a regular presentation. But visual presentations let you add this bit of a personal touch to your meetings.

Visual Presentations can be Replayed

While you are presenting something, there are often going to be people who are not paying attention, or they misheard something or did not understand your presentation at all. In such cases, they either just assume things about the presentation, or you would have to repeat the whole entire thing all over again. This can be very frustrating, but it can simply be avoided by visual presentation. You can just send them a copy of the video that you have, or replay the whole thing.

Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways
Visual Storytelling Can Enhance Your Presentation in 10 Different Ways

PowerPoint Presentations are Outdated

Most companies and cooperative offices are moving past PowerPoint presentations. They are barely being used by anyone nowadays in a very professional setting. Everything that it had to offer has been used and reused so many times, that it becomes predictable. At this point, people are already well aware of all the possible effects and animations available in the software.

Visual Presentation feel New and Fresh

Visual presentations may soon take over regular manual presentations completely. They are so much more convenient and time-saving. It helps in finishing off otherwise long and boring meetings quickly and instead lets you focus on things that actually matter and are beneficial for the company.

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