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10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make

10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make

The biggest task in a student’s life is to absorb the information that is being given by professors or teachers in class and learn how to analyze it. While it may sound easy to do, it takes immense effort to gather the information and be able to sort it out in an effective way. Here is a list of the 10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make to avoid doing those, and how they hinder the studying and learning process.

Skipping Breakfast

There are so many times in our lives that we have heard people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the schools and college classes and lectures are set early in the morning, and it may appear convenient to skip a meal in the morning to save time. However, early morning classes are one of the important reasons not to skip a meal as it keeps you full for the initial lectures till you get a break to eat something more. It keeps your blood sugar level intact and provides you with mental and physical energy that suffices for a few hours at least. Breakfast should consist of fruits and other healthy food to be effective.

Only Reading Your Revision Notes

While studying, there are many books, texts, and articles that are provided to you by your teachers as reference materials. These texts are either given to help you understand the concepts better, or they act as written material for whatever is being taught in class. Reading these texts should frequently be done and with complete precision. These texts should also be summarized for reference purposes. However, during tests and exams, it is better to read the entire text again instead of just focusing on the notes you have taken of it. It helps you learn the concepts better and there might be a chance the notes are wrong but the text in itself cannot be incorrect.

10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make
10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make

Revising To Music

Many students prefer listening to music while studying to reading something. This cannot prove to be beneficial. It hinders the learning process and stops you from processing any information within. It is advised not to listen to music at all while studying, and instead study in a quiet environment. But there might be times when you need music to distract yourself from the background noise. In situations like these, you can play classical and instrumental music that does not consist of any words so you do not get distracted.

Mobile Phones and Homework

A study conducted a few years ago proved that just the presence of a phone near your study desk can cause a decline in your studies. Phones are very distracting as a device, and you may have the urge to check on them every now and then just to scroll through an app, talk to your friends, etc. getting rid of your phone completely while studying is suggested by most people. You can simply keep it away from your desk, or in another room, etc.

Taking Notes Verbatim In Class

Taking notes in classes is an essential part of the study process. It helps you pay attention in class and also helps you gain information that may not be available in your textbooks, etc. However, teachers may teach at a faster pace, and you may take down notes word for word as your teachers say. This might not help you understand the notes later when you want to study, and also stop you from understanding the concept in class, because what you end up doing is transcribing instead of taking notes.

10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make
10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make

Cramming Your Revision

Studying is a process that cannot be done overnight. It requires time to get used to and completely familiarize with the concept. Hence, concentrating on all your study material in a short period will just end up wasting your time as you may not be able to absorb information better or even at all. There should be space between each study session, enough so that it is easy for you to recall and learn.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

A mistake that numerous students end up making is sacrificing their sleep for their studies. Not getting sleep can cause severe health issues. It also does not help with learning or memorizing anything either. A student must have a healthy sleep cycle to keep their mind fresh and awake.

Leaving The Hard Task To The End

It is very convenient for us to complete all the easy work at first, as it makes us feel more accomplished, and then leave the difficult task at the end. It often happens that the difficult task is the most important one, and it can be risky not to complete it first.

10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make
10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make

Not Getting Enough Fresh Air

Being stuck in your room or even your own house can be damaging to your mental health. Taking small walks around the neighbourhood, running a few errands outside, helping buy groceries, etc. can be small activities that can be done to get some fresh air outside of the house. This helps refresh your mind and keep you away from getting bored or mentally tired from being in one room.

Taking Photos of Lecture Slides

Slides are made by professors so that studying is more convenient for students. These slides are PPT Presentations and should not act as an alternative to taking notes. It can cause an unhealthy habit of not taking notes, which can result in negligence of studies and not understanding the concepts at all.

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