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Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers

Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers

Writers – an enormous crowd of people with different thoughts and mindsets about humans and humanity and life and living. Some writers write about fantasy, some about reality, and some about the supernatural. There is the only thing common about every writer is their capability to give words to their imaginations. Let’s read about 8 common types of writers.

The Unsatisfied Perfectionists

These are writers who are never satiated with their work. They are fixated on searching the written word. They could keep rewriting one chapter for several years. It could be because they are perfectionists and think that they are capable of providing something more impressionable. F. Scott Fitzgerald for example persisted to revise one of his most eminent works, ‘The Great Gatsby’ even years later it had been issued.

The Swift Writers

These writers fall at the different ends of the writing spectrum. They jot down words too easily and swiftly once they get the idea of what to write. The swift writers could not be concluded as perfectionists since they are never at a loss of vocabulary and finish their work very easily.

Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers
Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers (Image 1)

The Loquacious Writers

This category of the writer is easy to find, they are the writing snobs. They are known for being talkative about contemporary writers, their writing style, classics and what changes should bring, and more. Writers of this category chat more about writing and write less. They are too cautious about their writing and prefer a leather-bound journal to treasure their words.

The Polished Plotter

A plotter always loves to create the framework first. They are obsessed with outlines, they are not a fan of surprises and these are the ones who make plans among the group. The polished plotters will never add a major plot or some character at the end. They start writing as soon as the story outline is organized.

The Vague Thinker

The vague thinkers are the ones who are contradictory to the polished plotters. As soon as they get an idea of the beginning of a story, they start writing and let the rest of the plot go with the flow. They always have a rough plan for the conclusion of the story but that thought does not bother them all day since they are not fond of planning everything.

The Storytellers

The storytellers are not always the one who writes or not someone who does not share what they are writing. They are very keen about sharing the story or imagination they have in their head. They often hear things like, ‘you should write about this’ or ‘why don’t you start writing?’ Since they have a good imagination people find them very interesting and mysterious and wants to know them more and about their life experience.

Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers
Types of Writers: About 8 Common Type of Writers (Image 2)

The Escapist Writers

The escapist writers love to leave the real world behind and reside in their alternate universe. They often daydream and think about being a full-time writer. They perhaps do not be a writer or publish their work but they are better when they have a pen in their hand and something to write on.

The Closet Writers

The closet or introverted writers are the ones who even though have high-quality writing skills or vast ideas they would not consider themselves writers. A lot of people might not even be familiar with the fact that they are into writing or writing whatsoever. They are too timid about sharing their writing and especially unedited drafts. Only their closest ones would know that they write and they keep their notebook or documents in their secret spot.

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