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Top 6 time wasters you must avoid

Top 6 Time Wasters You Must Avoid

Time Wasters You Should Avoid – As we grow up, we tend to question more about society and the self. In the process, we waste a lot of our time doing things that only affect us negatively. In this article, we are going to read about the top 6 time wasters you must avoid. These are things that get in our heads and behaviour due to more social exposure. If you find yourself struggling over any of these things, just know you are a part of billions. However, by the time you will realize and recognize how insignificant these things are, it might be too late. Change is permanent, however, be cautious if you are change is for the people or your good.


Although it is not a mental disorder, it is linked with anxiety and other mental health issues, like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). In this case, you try your best to be flawless. You know perfect does not exist. It is a very tough thing to overcome however it is not impossible. Try to be more aware of your tendencies, try to lower the pressure you put on yourself, focus on the meaning, set meaningful goals, and most importantly allow yourself to make mistakes.

Lack of Priorities

Growing up this is one thing that we all think about. We think about who is prioritizing us. Is my friend or boyfriend prioritizing me enough? Just know that you cannot change anyone or any situation, but you can always choose the way you will react in certain situations. Thinking about if you are on someone’s priority list or not is nothing but a waste of time since you will never have an answer. As an adult, just set your priorities right, and deal with your concerns.

Top 6 Time Wasters You Must Avoid
Top 6 Time Wasters You Must Avoid

Worrying About Judgments

Are you worried about getting judged by others? Do you believe you are suffering from SAD? We often neglect social anxiety disorder or anxieties in general. The reason is these terms are so widely used that we believe that it happens to everyone. We teach ourselves to avoid situations where we will get scrutinized by people. As a consequence, we seclude ourselves from people outside of our immediate family and are just referred to as ‘a shy person’.

First thing, just take a step forward and realize your situation. Are you just anxious about a situation or are you anxious always? There is a difference between state anxiety and trait anxiety. Just because it is so widely used you cannot diagnose with SAD. Similarly, depression is a known term; however, every sad situation or day is not a reaction to depression.


Are you a chronic complainer? Have you heard from people that you complain a lot? We tend to complain when we see that there is a gap between our expectations and reality. However, we frequently confuse between complaining and venting. When we complain we tend to mend a wrong and when we vent we are just letting out our inner frustration.

The truth is complaining will not fix anything. If you believe that you are a complainer think a little bit before you say something out loud. One thing that helps a lot is being grateful. If you want to fix this issue, try to write down things that you are grateful for, one sentence every day.

Top 6 Time Wasters You Must Avoid
Top 6 Time Wasters You Must Avoid

Trying to Please Everyone

If you are a people pleaser that simply means that you do not respect and value your own needs and desires. Due to your lack of self-esteem, external validation is a necessity for you. Always being there for people makes you feel accepted. However, the fact is no matter what you do, you will always be in someone’s bad books. So, stop pleasing people. This nature of yours will lead to worse things in your life such as the fear of rejection, difficulty in setting healthy boundaries, and complexity in making decisions for yourself.

Waiting for Inspiration

I mean, there was a reason why poets used to have their muse. They were the inspiration behind their creation. However, that does not mean you will sit in your room and wait for your inspiration to arrive. After all, inspiration is not a human of flesh and blood, right? If we get a day off, our brain is habituated in a certain manner that will compel us to do the easiest work first. The issue with this ‘inspiration kicking in’ is, that you are avoiding a bigger task, you are sabotaging yourself, and you are missing out on the opportunity to improve yourself.

What is it you can do? Try to understand yourself and the situation. I know that is the hard part, but once you realize it, you are going to do great things. You need to understand if you are trying to be a perfectionist, are you scared of failure, or do you believe that your creativity thrives when you are in a bad state of mind? Identifying your blocks is significant.

Next thing set your goals. We often procrastinate because we are out of plans and routes to follow. Most importantly set the goals according to your process instead of the final consequence of the effort. In the process, you will find out what kind of routine or schedule works for you the best. Stick to your plans no matter what. It takes time to create a habit however, once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to look for any inspiration to help you flourish.

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