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Top 10 zombie comics

Top 10 zombie comics

Top 10 zombie comics: In the history of comic books, zombies have been a popular option for many renowned comic book franchises. Zombies are a genre that has flourished in the comic book industry for many years owing to brilliant comic authors like Robert Kirkman and Christopher Ryall. Major publishers like DC and Marvel have featured some of their finest characters in zombie-themed adventures.

Marvel Zombies

Top 10 zombie comics - Marvel Zombies
Top 10 zombie comics – Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies is a crucial book in the zombie comic book universe and one of the twenty years’ most well-read zombie comics. Author Robert Kirkman created a bloody tale in which the most powerful heroes in the universe perish due to an epidemic brought to earth by an unidentified character using several renowned characters like Captain America, the Hulk, and Hawkeye (supposedly from another dimension). Marvel Zombies have inspired renewed interest after being turned into an animated tale as part of the Marvel Studio’s What If? series.


Top 10 zombie comics – iZombie

The novel iZombie by Chris Roberson, originally titled “I, Zombie,” tells the tale of Gwen, a gravedigger who transforms into a zombie and contributes to civilization. Simply put, she continues to act normally by going to work and hanging out with friends. She must, however, swallow a brain every day to exist, which, as you would expect, presents several challenges for her and the relationships she tries to uphold.

A lot of the common aspects seen in romantic comedies are combined with a humorous noir-style tale in iZombie, which does a fantastic job of doing so. In 2015, iZombie was transformed into a live-action Netflix series, which ran for 5 seasons before concluding in early 2020.

The Goon

Top 10 zombie comics - The Goon
Top 10 zombie comics – The Goon

The Goon is a spooky comic book series that excels in fusing dark humor’s traditional techniques with aspects of horror. Goon and Franky are the two recurrent characters that drive the plot of the show. The two small-time criminals find themselves battling a variety of supernatural beings in their small town, including zombies, vampires, and rats the size of tigers. The Goon gives readers an action-packed experience that keeps its reader base coming back for more by using a lot of violent imagery. There have been countless unsuccessful attempts to turn The Goon into a significant Hollywood movie.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later
28 Days Later

The comic book series of the same name was created as a means of bridging the narrative gap between the movie 28 Days Later and its initial sequel 28 Weeks Later, serving as a direct sequel to the film 28 Days Later. The comic book series follows Selena, one of the main figures in the first movie, as she travels to London to serve as a guide for an American reporter. The series uses frightening and gruesome visuals to underline the great peril the characters face. It contains all the tension, action, and brutality of the movies.


Top 10 zombie comics - Dceased
Top 10 zombie comics – Dceased

Many people were curious as to if or when DC Comics, Marvel’s main rival, will produce their take on the grim, zombified plot after Marvel presented Marvel Zombies in December 2005. Comic book readers didn’t get to see that concept come to life until May 2019. dceased is a six-issue miniseries written by comic book artist Tom Taylor in which the anti-life equation—most famously connected with Darkseid and Apokolips—becomes a techno-organic virus that spreads over the globe.

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead
Top 10 zombie comics – Night of the Living Dead

This comic book series of the same name serves as a prequel to the original 1968 smash hit movie Night of the Living Dead and covers the story that many fans of the original film have always longed to see: the events leading up to the film. The original co-writer of the movie, John Russo, did an excellent job of recreating the tone and rhythm in his novel Night of the Living Dead. A few places from both the novel and the movie are shared, including the farmhouse and the diner. Many devoted fans of the series consider the comics to be an integral part of the franchise, especially because they were created by the co-creator and co-writer of the original film.


Top 10 zombie comics - Daybreak
Top 10 zombie comics – Daybreak

One anonymous person awakens in a heap of debris in Brian Ralph’s riveting and original story, Daybreak, only to be greeted by a kind man who is missing an arm. The plot develops into a traditional narrative of a zombie invasion. The way the art is drawn from the perspective of the main character, thereby making the reader the main character, is what distinguishes this story from others. The five-issue comic book series is jam-packed with clever humor. Daybreak, a cult favorite zombie story, was turned into a live-action Netflix series in 2019. The program, nevertheless, didn’t last very long.

Sherlock Holmes Against Zombies

Sherlock Holmes Against Zombies
Sherlock Holmes Against Zombies

In the comic book series Victorian Undead by Ian Edginton, Holmes and Watson are entrusted with fending off a paranormal danger. This prompts them to look into a large-scale zombie outbreak in Victorian England. Three distinct storylines—Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies, Sherlock Holmes vs. Jekyll/Hyde, and Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula—are featured in the 12-issue-long series.

Zombies vs Robots

Top 10 zombie comics - Zombies vs Robots
Top 10 zombie comics – Zombies vs Robots

Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood’s comic book series Zombies vs. Robots is among the craziest to come out in the last twenty years. Even though the comic’s title is a little ludicrous, it succeeds because it isn’t afraid to acknowledge its absurdity. Highly intelligent robots are equipped with weapons including guns, blunt objects, and other cutting-edge technology in this action-packed film. Zombies versus Robots’ outstanding art, which was fully created by Ashley Wood, has a raw and detailed appearance that adds to the Mad Max-like setting depicted in the robots’ language.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the most essential and well-known comic book for the zombie genre, even though all of the previously stated works are excellent and significant in their own right. Sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors are followed as they make their way through a world overrun with zombies and violent gangs of people in an epic zombie narrative written by Robert Kirkman, the same creator that gave readers the Marvel Zombies described earlier.


Zombies have unquestionably gained popularity as a genre during the past 30 to 40 years. It’s evident that a substantial part of people deliberately seeks out zombie-themed entertainment given the big box office success of films like Train to Busan and World War Z as well as the massive success of TV shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation. In addition, the zombie genre is not new to comic books, unlike in television and film.

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