Writing can be simple for few and complicated for some. But one thing is clear it’s impactful, it’s an art that has a lot of layers to it. So lets talk about some interesting types of writers.

The Laid-back Lads

The most common misconception about writers is that they are lazy creatures but they tend to term their laziness as being laid-back. Many old school writers believe that writing needs time and calmness. They don’t mind flocking on their rocking chair. A suitable example for this can be the writer Andy Weir who loves to take long breaks for writing his books.

10 Types of Writers
10 Types of Writers

The Dreamer

Every ambitious professional is a dreamer but no one is a bigger dreamer than a writer. There are writers who don’t just daydream but write down their dreams while living in it. These guys can be identified by their rooms, work station filled with the essence of their work and ideas, they literally live in their dreams. J.K. Rowling perfectly fits for these category, only a dreamer can create their own universe which seems like a parallel universe.

The Intense Guy

After all these you must be thinking writers are soft, laid-back, easy going guys. But then you need to meet these freaks, you can feel the intensity in their eyes. They have an abnormal energy and intensity in them, the reason for their intensity is their passion. They wanna do their work in the best way and let their guards down until the work is complete.

The Fast and Furious

You may think you are fast, but then need to meet these types of writers who are not fast, they are super fast. How many words can you write a thousand or two max, how about 10,000-words a day ! shocked, don’t be cause these type of writers do these crazy stuff on daily basis. For them its a normal, there dedication drives them. Who better than the King of Horror for this category, King writes, writes and writes. He’s a rare breed of writers who has quantity with quality.

10 Types of Writers
10 Types of Writers

The No No Writer

Must be tired after that 10 K marathon, need a pause! You got one, meet these guys who like taking pauses a lot. These types of writers know the art of saying NO. They are very fussy in their work and quick to turn down ideas, even their own ideas.

The One-Hit-Wonder

Motivation works wonders, at times we are pumped up and do amazing crazy stuff. But as they say consistency is the key, so no consistency no wonders. Doing something once is cool but turning that cool thing into a habit is another. There are many who fail to recreate the old magic. The writer Harper Lee who was known for her popular book ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, but she failed to create that same magic again.

The Pro Procrastinator

Thinking is good, but thinking too much isn’t. Wanna meet these pros of over thinking, who just think, think and think. Thinking works wonders but you need to act to achieve or at least turn your ideas into reality. So meet these types of writers who are pros in procrastinating. It’s tough to make these guys act on their plans but when they write they make mountains shift, their writings are a delight to read.

The Literature Butcher

FYI tbh K ! This may sound like some coding too many but modern communication. It was all okay until these short forms and slang were a part of only verbal communication. But with time it has entered the written literature too, many writers to use it. The use is valid or not is debatable but one thing is clear it has butchered grammar and literature.

10 Types of Writers
10 Types of Writers

The Juggler

These types of writers love to juggle with there work and projects. They are multi taskers by nature, so being on a single project is not their cup of tea. So they love hoping between their projects to keep up with their monkey mind.

The Mysterious Man

You won’t know what’s coming your way, not even if you are hanging out with them. They won’t tell and won’t let you know about their idea or project until it is done. Call it superstition or being too secretive about their work, they like working in peace and avoiding the noise.

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