Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have long been the pinnacle of comic book heroes and comprise DC’s trinity. The Justice League has a large roster, and its sidekicks’ roster may be even larger. Each hero has amassed a fair number of lovers over decades of appearances.

Some, like Superboy, have their mentors’ superpowers, while others, like Nightwing, have undergone intense combat training since they were children. In any event, these heroes are capable of competing on their own, even as sidekicks. These heroes have also been receiving the attention they deserve thanks to shows like Teen Titans and Young Justice.

Roy Harper – Speedy/Arsenal Had Some of The Darkest Storylines

Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics - Speedy/Arsenal
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Speedy/Arsenal

Similar to Batman, the wealthy Oliver Queen adopted a ward and eventually fought alongside him. In the comic books, Roy has several heartbreaking scenarios, maybe most memorably the one in which Green Arrow learns that Roy is a drug addict.

Additionally, the character has a storyline that is portrayed in the hit TV show Young Justice, in which the original Speedy is captured, loses an arm, is cloned, and is kept in a facility for years. Although the character finally returns to the squad as Arsenal, the pain they have experienced is apparent.

Bart Allen – Impulse, Is a Speedster from The Future

Bart Allen
Bart Allen

Barry Allen, the Second Flash, has a grandson named Bart Allen. With numerous deaths and rebirths, his tenure in the comics has been chaotic, which is suitable for his personality. However, Bart Allen has generally known how to use his skills since he first developed them when he was a very young child.

Donna Troy Was Created with Good Intentions

Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics - Donna Troy
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Donna Troy

Donna Troy was formed by the use of a magical mirror to serve as Wonder Woman’s friend and replica, but with her personality. But she was taken captive and given a curse that would make her suffer endlessly. Of course, she was eventually saved and became a member of the Teen Titans.

Another was that she was created out of clay, much like Wonder Woman, by the sorceress Derinoe to kill Diana. She was always a founding member of the Teen Titans, in any case. She is regarded as Wonder Woman’s sister because, in many ways, she is an exact clone of the superhero.

Nightwing, The Original Robin, is Iconic Now More Than Ever


One of the few superheroes with two well-known superhero personas is Dick Grayson. He is the first ward and son of Bruce Wayne/Batman and is still infamously referred to as the first Robin by both heroes and villains.

Even though he outgrew the title and adopted the Nightwing persona, leaving Gotham for Blüdhaven, he occasionally works with Batman. Dick Grayson, the commander of the Teen Titans, may now add “DC’s biggest heartthrob” to his list of accomplishments.

Conner Kent – Superboy, A Mix of Superman and His Greatest Enemy

Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics - Conner Kent - Superboy
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Conner Kent – Superboy

Conner Kent established the Superboy name before Jon Kent, the real Clark Kent, eventually assumed the role. Conner, on the other hand, is regarded as Superman’s half-brother and was made by Cadmus using half of Superman’s DNA and half of one of his arch-enemies, Lex Luthor.

During the Infinite Crisis comic book event, Superboy famously lost his life-fighting Superboy-Prime, a corrupted version of Superman from another universe. Of course, he would return, just like practically every hero in history. Conner is a founder member of Young Justice as well.

Kaldur’ahm Is a Born Leader and Wise Beyond His Years


In Young Justice, Dick Grayson and Kaldur were always the adults and the leaders in a group full of teenage heroes. He has always stood out as the squad leader who was able to make tough decisions when necessary. He is also a skilled combatant who combines Atlantean magic with physical prowess.

In addition to being chosen as the leader of the original Young Justice team, Kaldur took over as captain of the Justice League after Aquaman stepped down to concentrate on his duties as King of Atlantis. However, Black Manta, one of Aquaman’s fiercest adversaries, is also the biological father of Aqualad. To try and thwart Manta’s plans with The Light, he even pretended to be dead and went undercover.

Miss Martian Is One of The Strongest of Her Kind

Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics - Miss Martian
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Miss Martian

J’onn J’onzz, the first Martian Manhunter, is a Green Martian, who is reputed to be a serene but powerful philosopher. They are engaged in an endless conflict with the fierce White Martians. When M’gann is taken to Earth, she poses as a Green Martian, like her Uncle J’onn.

Even if her true ancestry is revealed, her teammates’ opinions of her remain unaffected. She has proven to be one of the DC universe’s most powerful telepaths, occasionally surpassing Martian Manhunter. She, therefore, has self-imposed rules prohibiting her from using Telepathic Assault on adversaries or reading the brains of her teammates.

Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton

Kara Zor-El
Kara Zor-El

Superman’s cousin, Kara is the only other full-blooded Kryptonian to live outside of Clark, with Jon Kent and Conner Kent both possessing human DNA from Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively. Although Supergirl was kept in suspended animation and didn’t age until she ultimately arrived on Earth decades after Clark, she is biologically older than Superman.

She shares many of the same superpowers as Clark Kent, but unlike him, she has more combat experience thanks to her training with Wonder Woman and the Amazons on Themyscira and the fact that she wasn’t raised on Krypton as a newborn.

Jon Kent – Superboy, Has the Ability to Surpass Superman

Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics - Jon Kent - Superboy
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Jon Kent – Superboy

Despite not being a full Kryptonian like Clark or Kara, Jon Kent’s half-Kryptonian cells are distinct from those of his uncle Conner because Conner is a hybrid of Superman and Luthor. Jon is a naturally occurring Kryptonian and Human mix.

Batman states that because of his hybrid cells, he has the potential to surpass the Man of Steel himself. The fourth Robin and Batman’s son Damien Wayne become friends with Jon. After an accident turned Jon into a 17-year-old, he began combating criminals at the age of 10 and later assumed the identity of Superman while his father was gone.

Wally West – Kid Flash, is The Fastest Man Alive

Wally West - Kid Flash
Top 10 Strongest Superhero Sidekicks from Dc Comics – Wally West – Kid Flash

Wally can match Barry in speed even though Barry Allen is credited with developing the Speed Force and is widely recognized as having the most understanding of it. Wally became a fantastic Kid Flash, but he left the role and didn’t return until Barry passed away, when he became the new Flash.

Before Barry’s return, Wally continued to be The Flash for many years. After Barry left, Wally was swept into the Speed Force and held there without anyone recognizing who he was. In the end, Barry saved him, and he continued to serve as The Flash alongside his master.

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