The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth is a delicious, psychological thriller. Although this book gives little bit of everything like disturbed family drama, tension that presents in various ways, managing dementia in a parent, the dad moving on with a lot more younger lady, sexual assault, bankruptcy, abuse, alcoholism, gossipy neighbours and significantly more.

This novel is around two sisters. Rachel Aston and Tully. Both have issues they adapt to in various yet not particularly sound ways. Their mom has quite recently moved into an Alzheimer’s facility. Failing to remember things, even those nearest to her. But there are a few things she will not forget.

The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth is a Delicious, Psychological Thriller
The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth is a Delicious, Psychological Thriller

Their Dad, Stephen, is getting married once more. And for that reason, he might need to get a divorce from his current wife, Pam, the one he put in a care home.

When he unveils Heather to the girls at lunch, they are surprised. She was almost as old as them. Also, they are certain she is a gold digger. Also, she is extremely full of mysteries herself. Furthermore, she has her own explanations behind wedding the daddy.

As Rachel was clearing out her mom’s things she found a hot water bottle loaded with lots of money and a piece of paper. Which was enough to send Rachel and Tully digging through their mom’s life and sorting out perhaps their dad is a monster.

Indeed, even Heather isn’t exactly certain if he is or alternately isn’t. However, at the wedding, it was dealt with quite nicely. But was it? Was he a culprit or was this a mistake? What an wicked closure!

As the story moves ahead, I ponder, if Heather is the reason for the two sisters spiraling, or if she, in reality the medicine that can help them? Given Heather’s own concerns, it was never clear. Nonetheless, by and large, the three characters start to depend on each other, sharing their hidden secrets. Also, as they bonded, certain info was shared that was surely connected with the wedding episode. The who and for what reason isn’t as might have been anticipated. Also, little disclosures toward the end make it even more tragic.

In addition to the mystery at the wedding and the unknowns about Stephen, I really enjoyed the depth of the characters in The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth. It is Highly recommended.

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