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The Red Book By James Patterson

The Red Book: By James Patterson Is Dark, Violent And With Continually Rising Suspense

The Red Book by James Patterson is 2nd book in A Black Book Thriller series. This story is told in three parts. In first part: Detective Billy Harney getting back to duty, after leave, given a new unforeseen work position. His new partner, who because of his earlier reputation doesn’t wish to work with Billy. 2nd part, returns Billy to memories from four years prior after the passing of his better half and daughter, to the present. Desperately working his progressing case and looking for more information on how his wife died. Third part, again looking back to around the time Billy’s better half died and attempting to discover what really occurred as of now, to the present.

The Red Book By James Patterson
The Red Book By James Patterson

Harney returned on duty after a time of paid leave after uncovering widespread corruption rising in the Chicago Police Department. Since the vast majority of his partners doubt him and mark him as a rat. Harney is assigned to the Special Operations Section (SOS), a world-class strike unit set up just a month prior. Whose focus is on the far-reaching and horrendous gang violence occurring on the city’s West Side.

All he know is that he will be working under Lieutenant Paul Wizniewski, the official who previously arrested Harney for killing. At the point when a young lady is gunned down alongside four others in a K-Town drive-by. It quickly turns political with pressure being heaped on the police to tackle the case rapidly. Detective Carla Griffin, is a hopeless sod who has been sent by higher-ups to keep an eye on him and report back in the expectation of discovering conduct that could annihilate Harney’s career when uncovered.

At the same time, somewhere else, the commander of the Bureau of Internal Affairs, Dennis Porter, is out of luck with those running a global human trafficking ring. Harney soon realises that the three casualties are not really the only casualties. At the point when he begins asking questions about who is at fault, the simple answers end up being wrong. They are not looking at an ordinary turf war highlighting Jericho Hooper’s Imperial Gangster Nation. He finds that the shooter’s identity and motive are not as direct as they at first appear.

The Red Book by James Patterson is quick and easy to immerse yourself in and the engaging writing. Dark, violent and with continually rising suspense, this is a thriller Patterson fans will devour as I did.

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