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The Good Sister By Sally Hepworth

The Good Sister: By Sally Hepworth Is An Awesome Enthralling Domestic Drama Between Sisters

The Good Sister By Sally Hepworth

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth is an awesome enthralling domestic drama between sisters. This will hook you throughout the story. Sally Hepworth always pen down interesting fiction that gives top to bottom examination of the characters life, mindset and personality, set inside plots that deals with provocative topics. Moreover her stories contain a holding secret that while not really at the front line of the plot, is significant to the storyline.

The Good Sister By Sally Hepworth
The Good Sister By Sally Hepworth

Rose is married and an interior designer, with a wonderful home that resembles something out of a magazine spread. She needs a child, however is experiencing difficulty conceiving.

Fern works in a library and she had one momentary boyfriend, and lives in a flat. She is on the autism spectrum, however has never been diagnosed.

Fern confronts her sister when she finds a bottle of pregnancy nutrients in Rose’s belongings. After learning of her infertility struggles Fern is resolved to help. If Rose can’t have the child she yearns for then Fern will carry one for her. After all her twin has done for her, it is the least she can do.

The Good Sister was the ideal mix of domestic drama, psychological suspense, and unhealthy family dynamics. This is for sure going to be my 2020 top read. I think this is Sally Hepworth’s best book up until now.

Smart readers will have a reasonable thought where the storyline is going. however what made this a nail-biting, tense read for me was the defenceless and innocent nature of its centre character being aware of the approaching threat and danger. I felt exceptionally defensive towards Fern and was pulling for her as she found and explored her recently discovered freedom. The library is one of my happiest places, so I totally comprehend why Fern felt so agreeable there. Another continually present concern was me thinking about how far the circumstance was going to escalate, and the last couple of chapters had me as eager and anxious as ever.

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth switched back and forth between Fern in the present and Rose’s journal entries. This likewise includes flashbacks to the twins disturbed childhood. The prevalent questions all through the book is. What does it mean here to be a good individual, a good parent, and as the title expresses… a good sister?

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