The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer is the first novel I have read by this author. This including those he has written using his full name that is “Daniel Palmer”. It is a psychological thriller novel that investigates reality or lies behind a teenage girl’s personality disorder. Penny is the ideal daughter. At least, she is the daughter that Grace wanted. Grace rescued Penny from a park when she was just four. As Penny grew up, it turned out to be evident that Penny was more than Grace knew. As she starts showing different personalities as she matures.

The Perfect Daughter By D.J. Palmer
The Perfect Daughter By D.J. Palmer

Young Penny is found at the crime scene of a gruesome murder. It was obvious that Penny did that crime, as she is covered in blood and holding the weapon. What is less clear is which character did it, or if Penny has faked them all.

Grace is the kind of character who will do anything possible to save her daughter from life in prison. While this quality gives her character clarity as far as inspiration, it was likewise an issue. It was an issue because she has two children that she will push aside in order to help Penny. The parental commitment she shows to Penny is incredible. However, I did not understand the absence of balance for the requirements of all of her children. It starts to feel that Grace’s all commitment to Penny regardless of anything else is basically on the grounds that she is the girl she always wanted. Which feels somewhat unpleasant for a parent.

The most intriguing section of this novel for me was Penny and her obvious alters. Unmistakably Palmer did good research on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This includes the discussion that is still ongoing about its legitimacy as a diagnosis.

This suspenseful thrill has numerous exciting twists with red herrings abounding. While all of Penny’s alters as they are called are introduced from the past and presently. Eve is reckless, cynical, and rough and all the time, not cooperative. As the layers are gradually pealed back on this crime, Grace and at last Mitch. They start to accept that there is substantially more to the crime and story than previously suspected.

The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer is a serious and exceptionally dark story which is complex at some occasion. It is tangled, with every one of the speculations and conceivable outcomes floating about. Such countless hidden and deep secrets must be disentangled to uncover reality. Different POVs likewise add to the layers and complexity. At the point when it comes out, reality for me appeared to be fairly incongruous just as not exactly fulfilling, and a little bizarre. However, maybe that fits the idea of the story as a hole.

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