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The Mask of Mirrors: Book By M. A. Carrick Is A Twisty Book Full Of Mystery And Dark Magic.

The Mask of Mirrors: Book By M. A. Carrick Is A Twisty Book Full Of Mystery And Dark Magic

The Mask Of Mirrors is a debut novel from author M. A. Carrick. This is a twisty book. I have a ton of musings, however this plot unfurls like a spiderweb. This is an excellent book. The feelings inside its pages are caught splendidly by the cover art. So for sure pass judgement on this book specifically by its cover. The world that has been formed here is a piece of art in its own right, with diverse characters, complex, and intriguing.

This book is GAY AS HECK. I saw one character for each letter in LGBTQIA, and I liked it. Sexuality and sex identity are so easy-going in this book, and it is great. None of the characters truly question any other individual’s sexuality; all distinctions are represented and acknowledged as a regular part of society. I need more books this way. What is more, truly, I need reality like this.

The Mask Of Mirrors is not a young adult BOOK. It appears for reasons unknown that it is being driven into that category. However, it is without question an adult fantasy novel. The plot is perplexing, the writing is mind-boggling, the topics are certainly more developed than most young adults read. I think the individuals who are accustomed to reading young adult novels would feel like they are slogging through mud. The phrasing and in-world language utilize alone make this a tough novel to get into. I was practically half through the book before I sensed that I was for the most part familiar with it.

The author do not hold your hand here. You certainly had the opportunity to continue onward and sort it out along the way (or utilize the glossary in the back. However, in case you are in any way similar to me, you presumably got to about 65 percent before you even acknowledged it was there). While I surely do not think youthful readers are not capable of dealing with the brutality, sex, and language that goes along with the adult label. I would not recommend it to somebody who is not already an avid reader.

Point of view jumps around a lot. There is apparently no limit to whose mind we could wind up in next. Every part is broken into segments, and each segment is another point of view. Sometimes it is the same character two sections in a row—for the most part it is our primary character when this occurs, who passes by a few distinct names and is simply magnificent. Definitely check “The Mask Of Mirrors” out. It is a little slow in the beginning, which I think for the most part to attempting to get your direction in-world with little assistance from the author. However, once you discover them it is difficult to put down. There are a ton of subjects inside this book that apply intensely to the current day real world.

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