Fable: Book by Adrienne Young is a truly hard review for me to write. Not because I do not like it but, I totally loved it. I read the most part of it in a day and it was my first (and surely not last) book by Adrienne Young. Fable was one of my most pleasantly surprising reads. I never thought that I would like it as much as I did. I’m so happy reading it.

I love pirates and Fable introduces you to a world of pirates. The world is fierce – Fable herself lives on an island where she battles daily to survive. She was abandoned there a few years before and does not have a house to live in. The scar on her arm makes everybody look at her with doubt and she deals with thieves consistently. Fierce.

From the absolute first page, I was captivated by Fable’s story and conditions; I had such countless questions. For what reason would a young girl be left on an island of pirates? How could she be going to get off this island and find the dad who deserted her? What will happen when she discovers him? Adrienne Young skilfully gives these answers such that attracts you and leaves you longing for more, and it was an enjoyment to go on this excursion with Fable and co.

I liked Fable’s freedom and practicality, and I additionally liked her for controlling her destiny in a world that favours men. She is solid and plucky—a pleasant champion to pull for—and I immensely liked the most of her communications with West, the broody hero with inside story of his own.

Fable is a refreshing, well-written novel that remains with you. In addition to the fast paced and engaging story. The characters are phenomenal, diverse, and have depth. For sure get this if you like reading adventure, romance, and intrigue.

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