The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood is in my list of best read book of the year. It is refreshing to have a cast of old protagonists and a sleepy village. Village which has its name demolished by a series of murders and a local copper out of her depth.

77-year-old Judith Potts isn’t one who stays out of other people’s business. When she hears shouting and a gunshot coming from her neighbour’s nursery while she is out swimming. She is sure that there has been a murder. However, the police do not think so. That is until Judith does more digging and discovers her neighbour’s body.

Given that Marlow is a sleepy village. The police believe that it is more probable that her neighbour committed suicide rather than was murdered. However, Judith is having none of it. As more bodies begin showing up Judith chooses to get active with the assistance of dog walker Suzie and a reluctant partner, Vicar’s wife Becks.

As the list of suspects in “The Marlow Murder Club” expands, Judith before long understands that her life might be in danger. However, she is not a lady to be reckoned with. The characters are humorous, entertaining, and clever as well as deceiving and happy to risk their lives in a real sense to discover a killer and to help the cop, DS Tanika Malik. He has been placed accountable for finding the killer or a group will be shipped off the village to take care of her work.

The writing is excellent. There are sufficient clues and twists, to keep the pages turning. The setting is so perfectly written that you can picture the entire book. I would love to see this on the screen as it is unquestionably television material. Even though I know the ending.

The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood is a compelling read. I recommend it to people who like reading fast-paced murder mystery novels.

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