“Amari and the Night Brothers” book by B. B. Alston is a exciting and thoughtful story exploring the injustice of being discriminated by characteristic you are born with. Regardless of whether it is your skin tone or superhuman abilities.

The story of Amari and the Night Brothers is incredible fun and exceptionally captivating. A mystical world inside the ordinary world fuels by creative mind of children and grown-ups alike. Do we not as a whole prefer to envision an enchanted world that we may be welcome to join one day? I know envisioning it takes me to where greatness victories over wickedness, and I can make things happen by waving a wand.

I love the primary character Amari who is determined, smart and focused. She lost her sibling and needs to deal with social bullying and prejudice as a result of her skin tone and where she lives. She manages her issues forcibly, and however reasonable, it landed her in the principal’s office, where she lost her scholarship.

A mysterious package showed up from her sibling. Inside that package is a Nomination for Consideration for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. This leads her to a supernatural world inside our world where she again faces social bullying and prejudice. This time not for her skin tone, but rather because she is a magician who has the most feared ability in the supernatural world. I discovered Amari’s way toward managing prejudice, very inspiring, and I liked watching her develop and learn.

There is somewhat of a secret tread all through the “Amari and the Night Brothers” that magnificently builds the mystery. The twist is not surprising, however it begins an entirely different twist for future books to investigate. Also, the thread pushes Amari forward in her mission to join the Bureau and discover her sibling. He vanished during an investigation for the Bureau.

I love the fantastical universe of the “summer camp” with its various departments that are as intriguing to discover about as they would be to explore. It is an exceptionally innovative and imaginative world loaded with amazement, dangerous monsters, and cool inventions. With numerous little details to hold the reader’s attention as they uncovered little pieces and sometimes in big chunks as the story advanced.

Amari and the Night Brothers is a fun, and socially educative novel to fascinate and delight the middle grade readers and their grown-ups.

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