One Perfect Grave by Stacy Green is the second novel in the Nikki Hunt series. This time Nikki Hunt is investigating the murder case of two frozen bodies. The bodies were found along a desolate highway in Stillwater, Minnesota. They were identified as Kellan Rhodes and his mom Dana. Kellen was earlier reported as missing and his mom Dana was prime suspected of kidnapping him. At first, it seemed like Dana killed her child and afterwards herself. However, the injuries says, story is something different here. It says, Dana was killed. If Dana isn’t the killer, who is answerable for their death? Who would want to murder a mother and her daughter?

While investigating, Dana and Kellan’s murder mystery, Nikki gets a call from Caitlin Newport, a local journalist who thinks that another missing kid might be connected some way or another to Nikki’s investigation. Caitlin convinced Nikki to examine this case too. Goodness, what a tangled web we weave! Two investigations that might possibly be connected! What is the connection after all? One thing is clear, finding the killer won’t be simple. During the investigation, Nikki studies Dana, her relationship with her sister, and her efforts to win back guardianship of her child. Stacy Green truly know how to make you feel for victims.

One Perfect Grave was an extraordinary development to The Girls in the Snow and proceeds with Nikki’s storyline from when she learn the reality about her parent’s killings. It was reviving to see the character improvement in this book and if you have not perused the first book in this Nikki Hunt series. I highly recommend it to you. I likewise appreciated how Stacy Green had Nikki adjusting her work as an FBI agent while spending time with her daughter. In addition to Nikki and her daughter, We likewise see Nikki cooperating with her ex-husband, her boyfriend and her colleagues and different investigators to solve the murder mystery. We likewise see her be tough as an agent and more defenceless in her private life.

One Perfect Grave by Stacy Green has a few exciting twists and a few disclosures. This book had the perfect measure of suspense and tension. There are numerous layers to this story and with two cases to solve. Nikki is exhausted but still very determined. I truly delighted in how the story unfurled as we learn some truths and the large reveal. Although the reveal probably won’t give you whiplash since it doesn’t emerge from left field, it has shock value and gives a pleasant moment of surprise. I discovered this to be a captivating book with a well written story.

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