The Maidens by Alex Michaelides is a clever psychological thriller. The story is drawn around the academic atmosphere of Cambridge University, with a final twist. It is a psychological suspense thriller + dark academia.

The Maidens By Alex Michaelides Is A Clever Psychological Thriller
The Maidens By Alex Michaelides Is A Clever Psychological Thriller

A group therapist, Mariana Andros, still grieving the sad loss of her better half, gets an urgent call from her niece, Zoe. She is frantic and upset over the vanishing of her college room-mate. Mariana leaves promptly to join Zoe at Cambridge College to offer her help. Mariana is immediately dubious of a well known Greek tragedy professor, Edward Fosca, and his elite group of female students, named ‘The Maidens’.

At the point when another student is killed, Mariana steps up the pressure on professor Fosca. Her activities start to verge on obsession, making her look more and more unhinged…

The Maidens is Alex Michaelides follow up to his worldwide successful debut novel, ‘The Silent Patient’. The plot, by and large, didn’t have enough cohesiveness to pull off another stunning twist toward the end. The climate building was creepy. The feeling of foreboding and fear was thick with anxiety, however it was not sufficient to hold the story together.

When I completed reading half of the story, I had already sorted out the primary piece of the puzzle, despite the Alex Michaelides’s attempts. Attempts to redirect my attention away from what was very self-evident, with large number of distractions and devices.

I enjoyed how “The Maidens” allowed us to encounter how Greek Folklore keeps on impacting our way of life and how we actually live today. (thinking about all the contributions to psychology, math, medication, astronomy, etc.)… I really ‘was’ able to encounter the power of Greek folklore through this murder-thriller….

Although for me, The Maidens by Alex Michaelides wasn’t anything I had not seen before. Still, I enjoyed reading it, but not up to the author’s previous standards. It very well may be a case of nervousness, the author feeling pressure to satisfy everyone’s expectations. So, perhaps he was working excessively hard, or over thinking things a bit.

Am I disappointed with it? Not really. All said, Michaelides is a phenomenal writer, and I’ll read all that he at any point writes cheerfully. I can hardly wait to read what he comes up next.

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