Local Woman Missing By Mary Kubica was a good book, With twists that I did not see coming. If you like reading psychological thrillers, book that will keep you as eager and anxious as ever and possibly give you a nightmare or two then Read this novel. The characters are so genuine, I felt like I knew them. The story goes back and forth for the point of view which had me invested. I did not have a clue what was going to occur next in the plot.

Local Woman Missing By Mary Kubica Is A Twisty thriller
Local Woman Missing By Mary Kubica Is A Twisty thriller

At the point when a small-town doula and her six-year-old girl disappear, the local community puts together a search operation. Meredith’s husband, Josh, is panicking with worries. The neighbourhood couple, named Kate and Bea, who regularly socialized with Meredith and Josh, contribute to help anyway they can. Little Leo, Meredith’s and Josh’s son, doesn’t understand where his mother and elder sister went. Adding to the nervousness everybody is feeling, is the information that another lady from the immediate area disappeared weeks prior. This other lady turns out to being a customer of Meredith’s, whom she helped during a troublesome birth.

Meredith’s car is found at a rundown motel. Police came to discover that Meredith’s body is in one of the motel rooms. Her death was an evident suicide. She leaves a note to Josh saying he’ll never discover Delilah. In the mean time, miles away, a little girl is kept in a basement. Her abductors torture her by denying her enough water, food, medical care, and even daylight. The girl’s relief is she is there with another kid, a kid named Gus. After years of abuse, the kids plot an escape. The girl’s rising up out of imprisonment is a catalyst for occasions that make an unknown killer extremely nervous.

Local Woman Missing By Mary Kubica is a complex mystery involving five point-of-views, sub-plots, and twists. It additionally including a dual timeline that is past and present. I think the author, Mary Kubica made a wonderful showing in building suspense. Unfortunately, not every twist in the plot is convincing. I cannot say more without uncovering spoilers. For the first three-fourths of the book, I was unable to turn the pages fast enough and was willing to suspend disbelief. The ending was also let-down because a few new plot wrinkles were added at the last possible moment, which caused me to feel unfairly tricked.

Overall, Local Woman Missing is a fast-paced read and keeps you guessing, even if your guesses turn out wrong.

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