The Lost Apothecary is a story about ladies finding their place, filling their unfilled space, and moving at their own speed. The story is told in the form of then and now style, where we meet both Nella and Caroline. Nella is an eighteenth century healer-turned-killer apothecary. She has been working in the shadows for quite a long time. The day little Eliza Fanning, a 12 year old girl comes into Nella’s shop, is the start of the end.

Then we have present day Caroline – history buff with a task she is never cherished and an untrustworthy husband. Caroline has come alone to London, on a trip that was intended to celebrate her long term wedding anniversary. At the point when she finds a tiny blue bottle in the mud and garbage on the shores of the Thames. Caroline is mysteriously attracted to the secret of this deadly apothecary shop from over 200 years prior.

I absolutely loved The Lost Apothecary. The writer Sarah Penner has special way with words that will quickly have you hooked. This story is perfectly told over two separate courses of events, that I ended up liking each character. While partially historical fiction the pacing is quick and the mystery in this book will interest a wide range of readers. On some occasion I discovered Caroline’s considerations on her life grating, as wallowing, bothers me however it is brief. I preferred Nella’s inward musings as they were a greater amount of a clarification and less rooted in modern frivolity.

The Lost Apothecary is a book you will not be able to put down. It turns out significantly more interesting towards the end, so make sure you have time for it, since you will not have any desire to stop until you see how it ended. I actually had questions and I wanted more of this novel and my number one characters. However, the writer worked really well on her special wrap up to the story. I recommend it to people who like reading stories of treasure hunting.

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