By : Amish Tripathi

Imagine an entire nation having its back pushed against the wall. Warriors, brutally wounded or killed. Armies, vanquished and devoid of morale. Whole nation staring into abyss, ready to be butchered by a cruel and powerful invader. At such a desperate time, appears a warrior who not only takes the enemy head on, but against all odds, crushes them and saves the nation. Such is the legend of Suheldev of Shravasti, which has inspired the latest blockbuster book from the Rock star writer Amish Tripathi.

Series of attacks from ruthless and barbaric Turk hordes which did not regard any code, law or morality, had left Indian states weak. Suheldev emerges as a warrior and an able leader who not only raises the morale of his army but also plans his battles so perfectly that even the most ruthless enemy gets clueless and scared. If it was not for Suheldev and his brave army, our history could have been far more worse.

These legends were lost into the pages of history and only existed as local folklore in Shravasti. Amish did a commendable job in intertwining his imagination with local legends and gave the legends a definitive shape which we can read, enjoy, cherish and be proud of.