By : Brandon Sanderson

The most important element of any High Fantasy book is – World Building. Writer not only has to create a fantastic unreal world in his book, but also into the minds of his readers. One excellent example of extraordinary world building is ‘The Way of Kings’, which is written by a very popular author, ‘Brandon Sanderson’.

In this book, the writer paints a very dense and illustrious picture of an imaginary World. The men in this world once lived in paradise with Gods, untill they were chased out by some powerful beings. This followed innumerable wars where Men were getting attacked, killed and defeated. The Gods took some pity and gave them mystical weapons and armors, which helped them eventually win. But today, men are at war with each other in the pursuit of the leftovers of those mystical weapons and the desire of ruling the world. One unwilling but righteous young man, ‘Kaladin’ is pushed into those wars, who is gradually revealed as the central figure in this book. Many questions will be answered like – Why were men chased out from paradise, why they lost the magic that was given and how ‘Kaladin’ changes the fate of the mankind.

This book is slow paced and very dense, especially in the beginning. The world building is so deep and yet so flawless that it can very well be used to teach literature. Once the reader gets hold of the characters, places and the imaginary world, reading this book will be immensely satisfying and enjoyable.