By : Patrick Rothfuss

Second in the “Kingkiller Chronicles” series, The Wise Man’s Fear is another masterstroke from the celebrated author ‘Patrick Rothfuss’. This is the story of ‘Kvothe’ gradually turning from a talented young man into a legendary hero. He narrates his story, and this book is what he has to say on the second day of the narration.

Bad blood between ‘Kvothe’ and a powerful minister escalates, forcing ‘Kvothe’ to move to other city, where his adventures begin. He fights his arch-rival, prevents a high-profile murder, gets involved in political manoeuvres of the city and joins a group of mercenaries. While he is crossing the bridges that he gets, there are two elements that loosely bind his adventures. The constant pursuit of the mysterious leader, ‘Chandrian’ and the search for an answer, for the death of his parents.

‘Kvothe’ continues to be brilliant at everything. Although many times the book deviates from the central elements and wanders into unrelated adventures, which may give the feeling that central Idea is not justified by the author. However those adventures are what make the book so enticing. The story-telling of those adventures is simply remarkable. It is like each adventure is a great work of fiction in itself and the reader gets to read many great short fantasy stories one after the other.

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