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The Last to See Her

The Last to See Her : By – Courtney Evan Tate

By – Courtney Evan Tate

The Last to See Her is a stand alone mystery novel written by Courtney Evan Tate. The story starts with Gen, a writer, who is intending to move back to her home town, since she needs to move away from a terrible divorce. Her sister, Meg, who is a doctor, persuades her to meet in New York and celebrate her freedom. They like each other’s company, eating and drinking to the point of both becoming drunk, with Gen saying she needs to go for a walk and get some air, and Meg advising her to be cautious. however, Gen never returns. Meg is urgent to discover her sister, and the police will sit idle, until a day or two passes.

What continues after that are flashbacks of Gen, Meg and Thad (Gen’s husband). The police interview Meg and afterward Thad in attempt to find what actually happened to Gen, which makes the two of them suspects independently. During these examinations, numerous mysteries, falsehoods and facts will be uncovered, opening up an alternate light to Gen’s vanishing.

In Gen’s past, we figure out how she found her sister deceived her trust by laying down with Thad. Gen recruits an investigator to keep an eye on Thad, learning he was investing a lot of time with another ladies. In Gen’s present time, we discover that she was attacked, and saved, yet now being detained by Thad’s simple-minded sister. As per the sister, Gen stands in a way to have her sibling remain and deal with her. She simply needs to choose what to do with Gen.

During Meg’s POV, she discovers that Gen found her tryst with Thad, and feels remorseful, despite the fact that she says it was a mix-up that just happened once. The cop examining the case finds out about an agent recruited by Gen, and they additionally discover a diary, which is the beginning of another novel, with the story line covering a cheating spouse, terrible sister, and her plot to kill them. Did Gen plan her own vanishing? Was there any fact to the novel?

The only problem I had with this novel was the ending however. If Gen had such issues how could she make it to where she did ? How could her brain comprehend to do what she did? I think that was a bit out there, yet Over all The Last to See Her was very well written by Tate, which kept us stuck to the page, as there were such countless twists, particularly when the realities are found. I will say that I thought the consistent changing of POV’s at various times might have been less, as on occasion it was somewhat befuddling. I additionally don’t have any desire to give more information, as it would be a significant spoiler. All in all, The Last to See Her was an extraordinary thriller.

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