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Sweet Water _ By - Cara Reinard

Sweet Water : By – Cara Reinard

By – Cara Reinard

Sweet Water has a fascinating beginning when the peruser is immediately propelled to the center of a scene in Sewickley Heights: Yazmin is discovered dead.

We follow the storyteller, Sarah Ellsworth as she reveals to us her story. Sarah marries her sweetheart, Martin. They now live in a mansion located in Pennsylvania. It is a blessing from heaven, and Sarah and Martin have worked for this dream. Everything is magnificent until one night they get a call from their child, Finn, that he is in trouble, come rapidly. In the forested areas, they find a young boy on drugs, his dead girlfriend, Yazmin. Everything looks horrible, and Martin settles on the choice that takes their wonderful life into lies upon lies.

Is this drug related and how is Finn involved in all this? For what reason does Martin Ellsworth need to leave the scene as it is and deny his better half, Sarah ? She is stunned and Finn is mental and wounded however for what reason does Martin respond as he does? ‘Rich individuals issues’ is one clarification. should Sarah stay in the circle, like stay down and obey the rule

The peruser is then taken back to the first occasion when that Sarah visits ‘Stonehenge’ with her devastated single father and once more, to when Sarah and Martin meet. Stonehenge is Sarah’s ‘fantasy home’ however not one that she expected to share with her new spouse. We find out about the relationship of the couple and how they interrelate with others inside their nearby circle. The story is obviously about ethical quality, qualification and how wealth doesn’t really mean goodness. Without a doubt, abundance can daze the individuals who have it.

Who is controlling whom in this novel? The plot is acceptable and the writing great. Sentence language structure is short, empowering the readers to be cleared along in its very curtness, in this manner making anticipation. My only slight disappointment is the end which turns out to be evidently clear some time before it is reached and is then disclosed to us in detail. I feel this is repetitious.

All in all, Sweet Water is a good thrilling read.

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