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The Hollows By Mark Edwards Is A Good, Creepy Page Turner

The Hollows: By Mark Edwards Is A Good, Creepy Page Turner

The Hollows By Mark Edwards is a good, creepy page turner. This novel goes back and forth in time from 20 years earlier to the present, but flows along swiftly. This is my first read by this author and I was absolutely astounded. I for the most part inclined toward books that are more on the supernatural / horror end of the range but this thrill ride was adequately creepy to keep me invested. The twists were little predictable yet satisfying and I like the healthy connection among father and daughter and absence of romance (I feel too many books depend intensely on romance).

The Hollows By Mark Edwards Is A Good, Creepy Page Turner
The Hollows By Mark Edwards Is A Good, Creepy Page Turner

The story of this novel is set in the backwoods hollows of Maine and investigates the truth of “dark tourism.” Tom Anderson, who is a journalist, has brought his teenage daughter (Frankie) to the hollows for a vacation. With no internet or most current conveniences, he’s anticipating calm time with his daughter who he infrequently sees since separating from her mom. However, what Tom doesn’t understand is that inside these backwoods hollows lies a decades old mystery, that of a double murder where the supposed killer actually stays on the loose.

A long time back, two secondary teachers engaged in an adulterous sexual affair were ruthlessly killed in the forest. The supposed killer, Everett Miller, a young fellow with a dark character, gotten away and since then rumored to be living deep in the woods. Since that time, many “dark tourists” have gone to the hollows to look at the famous scene and submerge themselves in its mysterious nostalgia. Two such individuals are David and Connie, the couple rending the lodge nearby.

Connie is a famous podcaster. She hosts a talk show about mysteries which are unsolved and bizarre events. The story of the hollows even motivates Tom to publish an article about the subject, however little does he know that Frankie is the middle of the risk. She has become friends with Connie and David’s child, Ryan, and in the wake of finding a way onto the web, Ryan posts trashing comments about the scary neighbouring town. This offense has caused undesirable attention from two juvenile delinquents, Buddy and Darlene, who have an association with the past secret.

As usual, Edwards’ characters leap from the story. They are real and keep some dark secrets. The reader turns the pages to learn exactly what their identity is. A few of the hollow’s inhabitants have associations with the past, naturally in a place where everybody knows everybody, but how much is gradually and deliberately uncovered with entrancing precision. The Hollows by Mark Edwards is difficult to put down, like the vast majority of his books.

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