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Every Parent Should Ask – What Your Child Read And Learn Today?

Every Parent Should Ask – What Your Child Read And Learn Today?

There are significant reasons as to why parents should keep track of what their kids are reading. Today we’re exploring why every parent should ask – what your child read and learn today? It might be a good idea to keep the conversation about books flowing, and why reading with and talking about books with kids can be rewarding for both the parent and the child.

Enhances parent child bond

The most obvious reason to talk about books, and especially about the books that your child is reading is that it enhances the bond. It will make your child feel like the parent is interested in his or her life and that his actions matter. Conversely, it allows the parent to know more about the child, about his or her interests and preferences. The conversation makes both parties feel at ease with each other, and builds a bond of friendship.

Allows parents to keep up with what’s happening in the world and in their child’s life

Another important benefit of being up to date with what your child is reading is that it can be a source of great information about the world of children. Knowing whether or not your child is including books with a diverse cast, or whether your child is reading books that could be homophobic or racist will let you know what thoughts are influencing your child. Also, an affinity to certain kinds of books may reveal something about the child he or she is reluctant to share. Or it may even give insights into his or her budding personality.

Improves parents’ and children’s listening skills

Any type of dialogue enhances listening skills, but especially one about books. Talking about books will teach your child to make space for others’ opinions, to heed to them and try to understand them. It will also teach the parent to listen to the child instead of enforcing his or her own opinion. Reading aloud to children is even better in this regard – it greatly improves listening and comprehension skills.

Every Parent Should Ask – What Your Child Read And Learn Today?
Every Parent Should Ask – What Your Child Read And Learn Today?

Aids language development

Reading aloud to your kids not only helps you keep track of what they’re being influenced by, it also helps language development. Similarly, being informed about your child’s reading updates by asking questions and inquiring also aids also aids language development. It boosts vocabulary, not only because it promotes dialogue but also because it encourages the child to read. The child will want to read because his or her parents enquire about it, sending signals that it is an important activity.

Conversations hasten children’s social development and communication skills

Of course, talking about books will serve as a bonding factor, making the child comfortable with social interactions. It will improve the child’s communication reflexes, and enable him to understand social niceties and appropriate ways of responding. What the child usually learns by exposure to the social world, the child can learn earlier by exposure to stories and conversations about those stories.

Emphasizes free will and free determination of children

By refraining from telling the child to read a particular book and punishing him or her for not doing so, gently enquiring will build a reading habit while also emphasizing the child’s free will. When parents allow the child to take his or her own decisions about what books to read and then ask lovingly about what he or she learnt from them, it doesn’t restrict the child. The child has the freedom of choice, which makes him or her confident and bold.

Creates lifetime interest in reading

Asking your child what books he or she has been reading is the best way to create interest in books in your child. Here, you are not using punishment to chastise or discipline the child. Rather you are using reinforcement, by rewarding the child with love, care and a healthy conversation leading to a solid bond when he or she leads. This will reinforce the action of reading, prompting the child to continue the thing that causes the reward. This in turn will build a solid reading foundation and a lifelong habit and interest in reading.

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