By – Lisa Harris

THE ESCAPE by Lisa Harris is the very first Novel in the US Marshall series. It is an action packed adventure suspense novel that moves in between the states of Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Two US Marshalls are assigned to transport a prisoner from Seattle to Denver when their plane got crashed. What follows is a week of mystery, stress, and action.

Madison James and Jonas Quinn are the two main characters in this novel. Both are US Marshalls and the perspective switches flawlessly to and fro between them. They are easy to like and pull for, and were valid and relatable. The writer works admirably in giving them depth including imperfections and temperances. While Madison was a solid character from multiple points of view, there were events when I felt she ought to have been depicted all the more firmly and less needy of help.

The secondary characters are not so well evolved in this first novel, but rather they upgraded the story. Ideally, some of them will get more profundity in the following book in the series. The world-building was extraordinary and gone from tough and remote backcountry to occupied air terminals. The inward and outer clashes were all around characterized and were natural and conceivable; emerging out of characterization and situation instead of feeling constrained or contrived.

I additionally learned about the US Marshall Service and their criminal examinations and how they work with other law implementation organizations. The writer weaved this into the story line without taking away from the stream and action.

all in all, this was an action packed and engaging novel with the trace of a future romance that kept me completely locked in. The story was convincing and an extraordinary beginning to a new series. I truly recommend THE ESCAPE to those who like action packed novels and stories. I can’t wait to peruse the following book in the series.

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