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Dawnshard: From the Stormlight Archive : By - Brandon Sanderson

Dawnshard: From the Stormlight Archive : By – Brandon Sanderson

By – Brandon Sanderson

Dawnshard follows Rysn on an excursion to the puzzling Island of Aimia after the boat from one of the interludes for Oathbringer is found with no man, floating in the sea. I was glad to see a certain sailor made it out of Words of Radiance alive.

I have consistently enjoyed Rysn’s interludes as they acquainted us with different places and individuals. Yet, I didn’t know what to think about her being the main character in a novella. It appears that Chiri-Chiri isn’t doing well and has become bigger than her individual larkins. Rysn needs to get to Chiri-Chiri’s homeland of Aimia to check whether there is something that will help her little larkin. Good thing it appears to line up with an expedition Navani might want to make to check whether there is an Oathgate on that island.

For a novella there are some energizing things occurring with respect to the whole Cosmere and some gigantic implications. Rsyn needs to help Chiri-Chiri however she is additionally going to go into the greatest exchange of her life.

I truly appreciated the side characters picked for this excursion. Lopen, Huio, Cord and Rushu all carried something to the story. Lopen took some lessons before he was able to say his pledge. Huio is there for Lopen to run lines on and to potentially push his cousin to be someone better.

Rushu found a fascinating method to assist Rysn get around using fabrials and also found a mystery or two about the mysterious island. Cord, well I knew Rock’s daughter was going to be fascinating and she made me believe Horneaters will be an impotant part in the Stormlight Archives series.

Try not to pass up this book as it is the connection among Oathbringer and Rhythm of War, however more than that there are some immense implications for the Cosmere and something about gravity and Greatshells is also affirmed in Dawnshard.

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