The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon is Suspenseful and engaging. This is a tale about a great loss. A ton of things happening that can’t be expressed in the ordinary feeling of the word. However, you realize the pool has power. The power to give. The power to heal. Yet additionally it has the power to take.

The Drowning Kind By Jennifer McMahon is Suspenseful and engaging
The Drowning Kind By Jennifer McMahon

Jax returns home for her sister’s funeral. Lexie died due to drowning in the pool that they had grown up swimming in. She was an incredible swimmer so what might have occurred? Did somebody kill her? Was it an accident? Or she has committed suicide? Was Lexie tired of living with the disease she had. Is it true that she ready to give up?? Can Jax discover the appropriate answer? Or on the other hand will something happen to her as well?

The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon will pull you in and will not let you go. It will grab your attention from the beginning. Every one of the things going on. You will want to know what occurred and why. You will want to know individuals in this story and trust me you will become more acquainted with them. Every one who has a tie to the pool will interest you. Pull you in. Hold you hostage until the absolute final word. That absolute last part however will blow you away. Things are not generally as they appear.

Could there be something vile going on in this house or in the pool? Or on the other hand is there something more. All that will be answered for you and substantially more. You will be given what you wish for however you should pay a price as well. Wishes granted and lives taken. Nothing is free. As you gain the ins and outs of this family, this house, this pool, you will wonder whether what you are perusing is real or some illusion of somebody’s creative mind. It’s an extremely intense and deep story that will drag you to the lower part of a pool and back.

The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon is told from different POV’s and times. I loved how the family story was told by different characters in different time periods. Perfect blend of Family relationships and suspense. However, The ending was not what I expected at all, and left me wondering about the pool. If you enjoy supernatural stories The Drowning Kind is for you.

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