The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum: One of the most recognizable settings in all of comics is Arkham Asylum. Some of DC’s all-time biggest villains are housed there. The Joker, Penguin, Bane, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and a plethora of other characters are examples of them. The renowned organization and Batman have interacted frequently throughout the years. He has repeatedly imprisoned his adversaries there. Even on a few occasions, the prisoners took charge, forcing him to fight them off and return them to their cells. While many comic book readers are aware of Arkham’s history of housing super-criminals, many of them are unaware of the many secrets this asylum conceals. Here are the top ten secrets of Arkham Asylum to be revealed.

The Death of Ingrid Karrison And The Birth Of Astrid

The daughter of Jeremiah Arkham and a fellow Arkham physician was conceived by the father of the Arkham Asylum, Amadeus. One of Arkham’s most well-liked and renowned doctors was the mother, Ingrid Karlsson. She was respected even by the Joker. A riot occurred at Arkham while Ingrid was expecting Astrid. Ingrid went into labour as a result of the situation’s abrupt stress. Villains like Solomon Grundy, Clayface, Joker, and Harley Quinn tried their best to defend the one doctor they genuinely liked. Sadly, Ingrid passed away while Astrid was successfully delivered.

The Arkham Knight

Astrid Arkham, who attended home school within the walls of the asylum, became friends with every prisoner. Astrid learned to detest Batman as a result of their perverse upbringing. He was just the demon that kept harming her pals in her eyes. Astrid eventually came to believe that Batman was responsible for her mother’s murder. Astrid spent her entire life honing her fighting skills in order to exact revenge on the cape crusader. After a while, she inherited the Arkham Knight mantle and launched her own crusade against the Dark Knight.

The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum
The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum

The Fall of Amadeus Arkham

Amadeus Arkham, who founded the asylum, eventually developed into one of its most deranged patients. Initially, Arkham had only noble intentions. Like his mother, he yearned to assist the insane. He was driven further and further into madness as time went on by his increasing abuse of his patients. Later, Arkham attempted to murder his stockbroker before being imprisoned. He sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” till he passed away while writing irrational rants on the walls with his fingernails.

Methods Of Treatment

Unbeknownst to the general public, the facility engages in a number of nefarious activities. Even if the public knew, it’s unlikely that many would object. After all, some of the most heinous criminals to ever roam the streets of Gotham are among the prisoners. A Serious House on Serious Earth’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth featured one such illustration of the awful treatment. Batman finds out early on in the narrative that Two-Face is paralysed as a result of his new therapy. The doctor took his coin away and replaced it with a die, then a tarot card. Two-Face is paralysed because he has too many options and is unable to even make simple daily decisions.

Terry Gene Kase

One of Batman’s most well-connected adversaries is Ra’s al Ghul. There is no prison he could not escape from his leadership of the League of Assassins. Batman devises a smart scheme to imprison Ra’s in Arkham Asylum so that he can never escape again. Batman introduces Ra’s to Arkham under the alias Terry Gene Kase by fabricating photographs, medical records, police reports, and other documents. This was one of Batman’s most cunning attempts to capture Ra’s, even though he ultimately succeeds, and nobody at Arkham knew Terry’s true identity.

The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum
The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum

Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange, a psychiatrist in Arkham, ended up being one of the most evil adversaries Batman has ever encountered. Strange even served as Arkham’s chief psychiatrist for a while. Strange is not just among the most cruel Batman villains, but also among the smartest. Even with just his wit, Strange was able to determine who Batman really was. Such a terrible adversary had been concealed behind the walls of Arkham for so long, posing as just another employee.

The Last Arkham

Batman was imprisoned in Arkham during the events of “The Last Arkham. Batman knew this was all a ruse because he thought prisoner Victor Zsasz had found a means to get out. He had to sneak into the hospital and do further research. This account not only established that Zsasz had secret passageways constructed within Arkham years earlier, but it also demonstrated that Jeremiah Arkham was continuing on the path of his insane father. Jeremiah seemed to be losing his head and becoming increasingly violent against his patients slowly but certainly.

The Mad Dog Murders

Amadeus Arkham was employed by a Metropolis mental hospital prior to the establishment of Arkham Asylum. He was asked to offer advice on the Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins case while he was there. Amadeus learned that Hawkins had escaped from the police after arriving back in Gotham. Amadeus arrived home to discover the sadistic maniac had raped and killed his wife and child.

The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum
The Dark History Of Arkham Asylum

Amadeus’ Revenge

Despite his deteriorating mental state, Amadeus continued to serve as the hospital’s administrator after founding the asylum. Mad Dog himself was one of his first clients on request. For months, Amadeus “treated” the murderer. The culprit was then electrocuted to death one evening by Arkham by tying him to a couch. The other medical professionals assisted in disguising this death as a “accident,” but they all knew that Amadeus had exacted his wrath.

The Truth of Elizabeth Arkham’s Death

This organization was started by Amadeus Arkham as a result of his mother. Prior to her death, Elizabeth Arkham spent the entirety of her life dealing with serious mental illness. This tragedy gave Amadeus the impetus to act. However, it wasn’t actually a suicide. In reality, Amadeus had murdered his own mother and had suppressed the memory afterward. All along, Amadeus Arkham had a mental illness.

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