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The Bright and Breaking Sea

The Bright and Breaking Sea : By – Chloe Neill

By – Chloe Neill

The Bright and Breaking Sea is the 1st novel in a new series mixing a cut of romance with a Napoleonic War type story set in a world with sorcery. Generally I am not an huge fan of Napoleonic War stories with all the maritime fights and such, yet this was a shockingly fun experience.

Kit is a magical women.  On the ocean she feels the magic within the water and it serves her and her crew well on her ship. She is self-assured and one among the few female captains and a veteran of the Continental war. She seems to a likeable character, loyal to her group of people who work closely together, saviour to other foundling girls and unnaturally scared of horses. When the Queen calls to send her on a mission to save a spy for the crown it finishes up being just the start of a journey to save her country from ending up in another war.

“Rian Grant” veteran of the Continental War and a Viscount is additionally tasked by the Queen to assist Kit in saving the spy and returning with the intel on the exiled emperor. Sure, he seems arrogant initially but as time continues, we discover that he has problems with his own at home and isn’t such a nasty guy. He and Kit work well together and while there’s a smidge of a romance happening , it’s a slow burner Victorian style but hopefully, we get there eventually. He has some potential though and that i could see him being swoon worthy afterward .

Overall, I had a great time with the characters of The Bright and Breaking Sea and therefore the story. There are some fun fights, a touch of intrigue on who is trying to reinstall the exiled emperor, and therefore the hint of romance. The story keeps an honest pace and does its job fixing the texture for the remainder of the series and giving the reader an honest intro into this world and the way magic works in it.

Swashbuckling fun may be a apt description and that i liked it such a lot I’ll need to try a number of Chloe Neill’s other works.

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