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Midnight Lies _ By - Raye Wagner and Leia Stone

Midnight Lies : By – Raye Wagner and Leia Stone

By – Raye Wagner and Leia Stone

Midnight Lies is 2nd novel in Leia Stone’s and Raye Wagner Shifter Island series. This novel begin where 1st novel end with Honor dying at the hands of his uncle, and now Rage and Nia now being pursued. The two siblings Justice and Noble are with them, however their ways will take them an alternate way in a mission to bring back Honor who sacrificed himself to protect Nia as a piece of her shield. Declan is determined to bringing them down in his continuation of his twisted principle, yet unions will be made and more blood will be spilled as the time for change comes nearer.

Midnight Lies is an intense story that kept me page-turning. There is a lot going on in this book and I like the variety of characters that we get. I like that we see a greater amount of the selkies which was truly surprising. I need to concede that I’m charmed by the selkie ruler. I laugh when I had a similar thoughts as Nia when they came to know couple of things about him… regardless of the fact they were his prisoners quickly. I love that truth comes out in this book. We get to know what happened to Rage’s father and Nia’s parents.

My greatest issue with this novel is the percentage. What is up with that? Actually Nia isn’t very logical! She doesn’t sit or remain around and thoroughly consider things… which is clear by the way that she handles many circumstances in this book. So… what is the purpose of the percentages? They don’t bode well! That simply should be removed of the books totally in light of the fact that they have no bearing in there at all. The “cliffhanger” finishing to this book… it’s pretty lackluster, as well. I get that the writers need to construct expectation for the following book… however it genuinely misses the mark… for sure. It just makes me more frustrated on Nia than anything subsequent to all that happened paving the way to that point.

It’d be unique if Nia was a logical sort character who thoroughly considers things and all that, yet she’s not thus observing 6.2% or whatever else is very 100% disturbing. A few scenes were disillusioning in how unsurprising they were of where the miscreant gets an edge that nobody else can see or deal with. It’s all in all too unsurprising. The end felt phoned in, but i hope that the following book doesn’t bring struggle and show just to make a storyline for there to be extra tension among Nia and Rage. So in the case that you read the first and liked it then go ahead and read this one.

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