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Technology is Hindering or Helping Creativity

Technology is Hindering or Helping Creativity

In this progressive world, we often tend to ask this question vehemently whether technology is hindering or helping creativity. Sometimes out of insecurity after seeing someone else’s success, sometimes out of fear about the future, or out of the frustration and lack of motivation that comes with procrastination. In this article, we are going to look at both the advantages and disadvantages of technology, how we can gain success from it, and how we are misusing the power that it holds.

There is no doubt about the fact that technology got victory about changing our mindset, knowledge, and how we perceive the world. Let’s read five such points that prove how technology is helping creativity.

Technology is Helping Creativity-

  1. No matter what we cannot deny that technology has helped innovation and it is still helping it to grow more and more every day. A lot of things have become easier and faster due to technology which saves a lot of our time.
  2. Technology brought a lot of things that helped people to learn and make an earning out of it, such as 3D printing, digital content, and more which helps us to grow and explore in several ways.
  3. It helps creativity with website designing, making personal profiles, accessibility of social media, and advertisement of work which helps us to build an identity and be more close to people and make better connections.
  4. Technology plays a vital role when it comes to productivity, either with staying active on social media to sell products or reading a lot faster with the help of audiobooks, or Kindle than paperbacks. It helps with being more active and fast with any activity.
  5. Due to technology communication between people has been easier. I mean can we imagine a life without zoom calls or online classes in a pandemic? From getting up in the morning with a mug of coffee to attend an online class to writing five to six assignments in a week, without technology the academic and professional life would be at a halt in this trying time.
Technology is Hindering or Helping Creativity
Technology is Hindering or Helping Creativity (Image1)

With the continuous change in science and technology and with the development of the world, accessible technology can be distracting. We compensate for our lack of concentration by boasting about the power of it and the knowledge it provides but we are often misusing it either knowingly or unknowingly. Let’s read five points that show that technology is not only helping but also hindering creativity.

Technology is Hindering Creativity-

  1. Just like technology helps us with studies, it also causes a lack of concentration. We can utilize the internet for getting any kind of answer or information that will help us academically but we can also get a lot of information that is by no means useful for us. The access to the entertainment world is distracting and we unknowingly waste a lot of our time in mindless scrolling.
  2. While we are on to writing or creating something, the sound of a mail or any kind of notification can distract us from the work. We must take a good amount of break from social media and cell phones, in general, to focus more on our personal and academic life.
  3. If nothing technology is making us question our credibility and capability every day. When we see someone else having a lot of followers, success, or the life that we long to have, we tend to feel less motivating which holds us back from thriving and working for our future.
  4. Technology also affects the originality of the past work; nowadays we barely get any authentic or original work from people. Any academic work or research paper is not even original due to the easy access to the internet. I mean how hard is it to duplicate Van Gogh’s Starry Nights? Not at all, right?
  5. Today’s generation uses the internet so much that they are suffering from internet-induced ADHD, as it is constantly sharing so much knowledge that it is hard to pay attention to one thing only.

Technology can be both beneficial and damaging when it comes to creativity. It solely depends on us and on what purpose do we tend to utilize technology because at the end of the day it is us who have the power over technology and not vice versa.

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