Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins is a slow-burn psychological suspense/thriller set on a deserted island. The story rotates around a group of six individuals who meet on the strange Meroe Island. Nico and Lux are in a relationship and they’re appointed by closest companions Amma and Brittany to take them to the island. Their they met married couple Eliza and Jake.

Lux has spent quite a long while waiting. She was waiting tables, and that is the way she met Nico. He had an incredible smile, and Lux liked him very quickly. She was living in San Diego, yet there is nothing tying her there since her mom passed. So when Nico welcomed her to go along with him on his boat, she said OK. However, when they reached Hawaii, the boat got injured, and Nico did not want to ask his parents for money. So Lux found a new job, cleaning rooms at a resort and Nico found a new job, repairing boats at the marina. Also they waited.

Reckless Girls By Rachel Hawkins | Slow-Burn Psychological Thriller
Reckless Girls By Rachel Hawkins | Slow-Burn Psychological Thriller

And afterwards Nico met Brittany and Amma. They needed somebody to take them to a little island called Meroe Island. They offered Nico $50,000 for a 14 day tour to Meroe. At first Lux was worried about the idea of his spending fourteen days on the boat with these ladies he recently met, but when she met them, she liked them, and they equally liked her, and they asked her to come along as-well. At the point when Lux understood that they could get the friends to pay for the fixes on Nico’s boat, she consented to come. Then, at the point, when the tour will finish, she and Nico could take the boat out all alone and go anyplace. Not any more waiting. They make their arrangements, and set forth for Meroe.

When they reach the island, they discover that they are not alone. There is another boat, a bigger boat. Jake and his girlfriend Eliza welcome them all to a big dinner around an open air fire. There are fish, and there is a lot of wine, so they all become quick companions. Days sneak past on Meroe, swimming, eating and drinking. But, Lux finds that the island has a way to getting to you. The more she finds out, the creepier it appears. It was used as an airfield during World War II. There are jungles with thick vegetation and hunters. The coloured fish that swim around the island are poisonous, and there are sharks in the waters also.

As time passes by, Lux sees a few breaks in the life she’d been hanging tight to. There are moments that she’s reminded she doesn’t know Nico well overall, and she scarcely knows Brittany and Amma by any means. However, what else would she be able to do? She’s stuck there on the island with them for the full fourteen days, and past that, she doesn’t actually have anything more.

And afterwards, when another boat appears, and Robbie appears on their beach, Lux has a terrible feeling. She doesn’t like him, she feels bad about Meroe, and she’s beginning to question every other person on the island. It seems like everybody has mysteries, everybody has a plan, and Lux should attempt to sort out who she can trust to move away from Meroe Island and on to her future.

Overall, Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins is another solid reading from the author, and I liked it for the most part.

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