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Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk

Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk

Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk: There have been countless stories in the Marvel Universe of heroes getting other heroes powers or body. Among these extraordinary fusions lies a particular amalgamation that has intrigued fans and sparked countless imaginative tales: Spider-Man transformed into the Hulk. This peculiar concept has given rise to an array of compelling storylines that delve into the uncharted territories of superhuman strength, arachnid agility, and the inner struggles of a hero wrestling with his newfound monstrous alter ego.

The Amazing Spider-Hulk

In a special one-off issue from the Immortal Hulk run, the worlds of the Hulk and Spider-Man collide as Peter Parker finds himself transforming into the Hulk. This unique storyline explores the consequences of this unexpected transformation and the unlikely team-up between the two iconic superheroes. Join us as we delve into the synopsis of this thrilling comic book adventure.

The story begins with Bruce Banner waking up in Tribeca, confused and missing his alter ego, the Hulk. Bruce realizes that something is amiss when he discovers it’s nighttime, the time when the Hulk would typically emerge. Suddenly, he hears Spider-Man’s voice, asking if he’s okay. Spider-Man reveals that something is inside him, and he begins to scream with the power and rage of the Hulk. Spider-Hulk, as he is now known, expresses his anger towards Osborne and takes off swinging through the city. Bruce attempts to make a call from a payphone while Spider-Hulk engages in a chaotic battle with the Fantastic Four.

The Amazing Spider-Hulk
Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk – The Amazing Spider-Hulk

Eventually, the Thing manages to subdue Spider-Hulk, allowing Bruce and Spider-Man to escape. They seek refuge at a former military research base on Astra Island, where Spider-Man transforms back into his human form. Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four, joins them and explains that he accessed CCTV footage, revealing Loki’s involvement in the Hulk’s disappearance. Loki, in an attempt to stop the Hulk, inadvertently transferred his powers to Spider-Man. Realizing they can’t reverse the spell, the group decides to confront Loki. They find him at a hot dog stand, where he nonchalantly claims to have saved Bruce by transferring the Hulk’s energy to Spider-Man. Frustrated, Spider-Man points out that Loki unintentionally made matters worse. Back at Reed’s lab, the team works on a scientific solution to the magical problem. They construct a gamma blast box, and Bruce prepares to be exposed to gamma radiation to reabsorb the Hulk’s power.

As Spider-Hulk’s transformation begins, the blast door flies open, and a gamma-enhanced Bruce confronts Spider-Hulk. Bruce manages to deliver a powerful blow, absorbing the gamma radiation back into himself. Afterward, Spider-Man returns Bruce’s pants, and they realize that the Hulk will return the following night. Spider-Man expresses his understanding of the fear and struggle of losing control and promises to stay with Bruce, so he doesn’t have to face it alone. As they wait for the transformation, they share a heartfelt moment on the beach. The story ends with the Hulk walking into the ocean, expressing gratitude for having someone like Spider-Man by his side. He acknowledges Spider-Man’s goodness and promises to remember it the next time they meet.

The Storyline offers fans a thrilling and unique one-off issue from the Immortal Hulk run, exploring what would happen if Peter Parker found himself transforming into the Hulk. The storyline showcases the complex dynamics between the two characters and their shared experiences of fear and loss of control. This exciting comic adventure highlights the enduring friendship and support found within the Marvel Universe.


Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk - Spider-Hulk
Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk – Spider-Hulk

While in another thrilling one-shot story “Web of Spider-Man (1985) #70”, Spider-Man finds himself temporarily transformed into the Hulk after being zapped by a mysterious device during a battle. Confused and disoriented, Spider-Man hides the device in a locker at Grand Central Station to investigate later. However, he forgets his responsibilities and clashes with colleagues, leading to an outburst of anger on a rooftop.

Transformed into the powerful Spider Hulk, he smashes the rooftop before exhausting his newfound strength and reverting back to his regular form. Rescued by kind individuals, Spider-Man sets out to understand the device’s origin and its connection to a scientist mentioned by Betty Brant. Breaking into the scientist’s lab, he discovers notes explaining that the device infused him with Hulk-like bioenergy.

To reverse the effects, Spider-Man needs the stolen device, which he believes an old man took. When he confronts two kids he mistakenly accuses, chaos ensues, and Spider Hulk rampages. In the commotion, the kids accidentally use the device on Spider Hulk, restoring him to his normal self. Realizing the damage caused, Spider-Man reflects on his actions and ponders his reputation as a hero.

Death of the Hulk

Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk - Death of the Hulk
Storylines Where Spider-Man Became The Hulk – Death of the Hulk

In this storyline which takes place in an alternate universe, Bruce Banner, the scientist who would have become the Hulk, undergoes a tragic and bizarre transformation that leads him to assume the role of Spider-Man. This unique twist occurs in the limited series Bullet Points, where familiar events take a drastically different turn. Without the creation of Captain America, Steve Rogers becomes an armored candidate for Project: Iron Man. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, without the guidance of Uncle Ben, becomes a delinquent who stumbles upon a gamma bomb test site, resulting in his transformation into the Hulk.

In this altered reality, Dr. Bruce Banner experiments on irradiated insects and gains spider-like abilities, leading him to become the SHIELD agent known as Spider-Man. Outfitted in a silver version of Spider-Man’s costume, Banner battles his own inner demons, constantly at risk of losing control. As the distorted Marvel Universe faces a cosmic threat from Galactus, Banner’s Spider-Man joins forces with other alternate versions of the web-slinger.

Tragically, during the Spider-Verse event, where dimension-hopping Inheritors seek to feast on the life forces of Spider-Totems, Banner is killed by an Inheritor named Daemos. Despite his brief tenure as Spider-Man, Bruce Banner’s transformation into the arachnid hero showcases the tragic and complex nature of his existence, demonstrating that his life is marred by both gifts and curses.

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